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After the sperm meets the egg during ovulation (around the 13th to 15th day after your last period), the cells divide and travel down your fallopian tubes and into your uterus. If you don't have any tests, it is about one month before you can tell if you are pregnant. But if you are planning to have a test asap, it is around 10 days after sex. It is best to have all tests about 10am in the morning, as this is when your hormones are at best.

You should have symptoms that you are pregnant around 2 to 3 months after intercourse if you are pregnant.

A postive pregnancy test will usually appear 10 to 14 days post ovulation. If you're not sure when you ovulated, I would test two weeks after the last time you had unprotected sex or the day you miss your period.

3 weeks after sex. 3-4 weeks.

How far along will the after pill be effect

Modern pregnancy tests may show positive as few as 12 days after intercourse. It depends at what stage of the cycle you have intercourse and when ovulation, fertilisation and implantation occur.

Generally 2-4 days before your expected period.

Generally a couple of days after you miss your period. Some tests boast results a few days before the missed period.

Seven days after intercourse, you can have a blood test performed by your doctor which will tell you whether you are pregnant or not without any inaccuracies.

Alternatively you can wait 3 weeks or until your period is due and do a home pregnancy test.

About 3 weeks before you can do a test of 5 days if you see your doctor for a blood test.

6 weeks is the norm, earlier if you go to the doctor and get a blood test.

Usually conception occurs about 4 -5 days after intercourse and

about 4 days before your expected period you can tell with about 50% accuracy.

That number goes up the closer you get to your expected period.

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Q: How soon after intercourse can you find out if you are pregnant or not?
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