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you can take one at any time you think you are pregnant.

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After 2 months of taking the pill? Generally as soon as you take your first pill, you're protected from pregnancy assuming you started while on your period.

No. Taking the test too soon causes false negative.

If you have been taking your pill regularly, without missing any, taking 1 pill late is not likely to cause pregnancy or any ill effects. Take it as soon as you remember.

No - any effects from the pill will disappear as soon as you stop taking it. But remember that once you cease the pill, your body's "normal" cycle will once again take over. It may take a couple of months to get back in the swing of things and this could cause PMS like symptoms that could be mistaken for pregnancy. If you are definitely not pregnant and your body doesn't "settle down" soon - see a doctor. Hello. Yes, it is possible to experience pregnancy like symptoms for up to 6 months after coming off the pill.

Yes. If you miss a pill, you need to take it as soon as you remember, but there is still a chance you may get pregnant.

Hi, You need to start re-taking your pills as soon as you remember. You will not be protected against pregnancy until you've been taking the pill for 4 weeks.

Take the pill as soon as you remember. If that means taking two in one day, it's fine. You are still protected against pregnancy. You might have spotting, but it's unlikely and if it does happen it's completely normal.

Take the pill as soon as you remember & continue taking your pills one a day. You will need to use a condom for the next 4 weeks to prevent pregnancy from occurring.

The pill is designed to tell your body that it is pregnant so that it stops the menstrual cycle. if you had sex right after you started taking the pill it might not have kicked in soon enough. All the symptoms you describe are side effects of the Pill. If they don't subside call your doctor. Unless you were pregnant before starting BC, you would not be having those symptoms so soon from a pregnancy.

You should get your period anywhere from 1 to 8 days after your last pill

If you stopped taking your birth control pills half way through the month, you can take a pregnancy test as soon as one, two, or three days after your period should have started. If you do not know when you should have started, wait a week and take the test.

Start taking the pill as soon as you remember and try not to miss anymore pills. Whenever you miss a pill you need to use a backup method of protection - a condom for 7 days. If you miss more than one pill then you need to use a condom for 2 weeks. This is 100% necessary as without using a backup method of protection for 7-14 days you put yourself at risk of pregnancy because birth control will not be protecting you against pregnancy due to you missing 3 pills. You need to give time for birth control pills to work again and to prevent pregnancy. Continue taking your pills each day even when using a condom.

As soon as you stop taking it, or even miss one pill, you are fertile again. The pill wont make you sterile.

Yes, you can still be pregnant with a negative reading on a pregnancy test. Factors include incorrect usage of an at-home test, taking the test soon after conception (before the pregnancy hormone has a chance to "register"), and certain drugs used while taking the test that alter the pregnancy hormone. If you are unsure about the results of a pregnancy test wait a few days and take the test again or go to your ob/gyn for a blood test.

As soon as you become sexually active again. Or you can wait a few months and get your partner to wear a condom.

You can take them together but you will be very drowsy so don't take them and go anywhere or try to drive or anything.

Her chances for pregnancy increase. Read the instructions for the pill, because it depends on which pill she missed. Chances are you'll need to take the pill as soon as you remember and use protection. Don't take any chances

I would skip wednesdays pill but refrain from having sex. If you do have sex, use a condom as you wont be protected against pregnancy. I cant understand wy you have missed your Wednesday pill twice now. If its because your taking two pills when you forget, then you dont need to because you would still have a Wednesday pill left. If you forget a pill for 16hours then take it as soon as you remember. Dont take two at once. If your due the next pill within 3/4hours then take it if its the right days pill and your on that day (eg wednesday,thursday etc)

There has been no evidence that shows that taking the pill in early pregnancy causes any birth defects to the developing fetus. They will not harm or end an existing pregnancy, but they are of no use to the pregnant woman.If you're pregnant and don't want to be, contact your health care provider as soon as possible to talk about options; taking the birth control in the mistaken impression that it can end your pregnancy will only delay definite treatment.On the other hand, if you're pregnant and would like to continue the pregnancy, stop taking the birth control pill and contact your health care provider to set up prenatal care.No, not neccassarily but could cause birth defects if you continue taking the pill. Would highly recommend you to STOP taking it because your baby is at risk of problems.

As soon as two weeks after the pregnancy has begun.

Pill-Soon Song was born on 1936-08-05.

yes!! don't SKIP!! if you stop taking it your period should regulate soon. yes!! don't SKIP!! if you stop taking it your period should regulate soon.

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