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The symptoms vary from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy. I had one baby the first time and my symptoms didn't start until I was five weeks pregnant, then I had very sore breasts and evening nausea and tiredness. The second time I had twins and I had no nausea, tiredness or sore breasts at all. In fact apart from missing my period I would not have known I was pregnant. But that is just me, every one is is different.

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Q: How soon do pregnancy symptoms start if you conceive twins?
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Do pregnancy symptoms start sooner when you are expecting twins?

When I Was Pregnant With My Twins I Started Having Symptoms Really Soon. Like, Everyone Knew I Was Pregnant Except Me Though. I Was Like Extreamly Emotional And Sick All Day Everyday. It Wasn't Fun. But Good Luck. [:

What are early symptoms of twin pregnancy?

Faster weight gain and swollen feet earlier in the pregnancy are two signs you might be carrying twins.

What sexual position to conceive twins?

It does not work that way.

Do you have different symptoms in your third pregnancy?

You might do. You might be more tired if you have 2 other children to look after. Or you might have no symptoms at all. I had every symptom going early on with my first (one child) then had no early symptoms at all with my second pregnancy (twins). I didn't have third pregnancy but 2 were enough to show me that they are all different.

How much do surrogate mothers of twins get paid?

I got $27000 (total for entire pregnancy of a singleton, this was the complete total when everything was added up start to finish of pregnancy) then I got an additional $5000 for carrying twins.

How do you get twins pregnancy?

Twins Pregnancy is mostly passed through the family. So, if one of your elders or other half's elders have twins pregnancy then it is possible that you will have it too but there's no guarantee.

Can someone have twins after an ectopic pregnancy?

Certainly! An ectopic pregnancy is not a condition that affects your reproductive organs such as endometriosis. It also has no affect on the number of future embyo's. You have a 1 in 2 chance of conception if you had no problems prior to your ectopic pregnancy. About 60% conceive successfully after an ectopic pregnancy and about 30% choose not to try conceiving again. If you do conceive successfully after having an ectopic pregnancy, it is important to notify your doctor at the first visit of this so that he/she can pay special attention to any warning signs and help you and your baby have a successful future pregnancy.

Are your symptoms stronger or different when having twins compared to 1 child?

I had twins. Do you mean the symptoms from the onset or labor?

How do you know it is twins?

I found out because of an ultrasound but my symptoms were more severe and I cramped a lot. Then again this is my first pregnancy and no fertility treatments. I have heard from some women that their symptoms were more severe with multiples though.

Can twins be 15 months apart?

No, twins are born from the same pregnancy.

Did Angelina Jolie have in vitro to conceive?

It has been reported that she did. It would make sense, since at her age many take drugs or try in vitro to conceive faster. Also, twins are rare when there is no family history of twins; when taking drugs or using in vitro, twins are more common.

What to do to to have a twins pregnancy I want my wife to have twins. what do I do?

there is nothing you can do it has to run in here family...

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