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I started feeling movements around the fourth month. They start like soft little flicks in your abdomen.

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Q: How soon do you feel the movement of your baby or quickening?
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How soon can a woman feel the baby if she is pregnant?

If it is the first pregnancy, women usually start to feel movement around the 18-20th weeks. Women who have had other pregnancies can usually feel movement earlier, around the 15th week.

How soon can you feel the baby fluttering and how often?

you can feel fluttering as soon as 3 months you won't feel them very often until you get about 4 months

How soon can you feel the baby kicking inside the womb?

3_4 months

How many months do you have to be for the baby to kick and move?

The baby will kick and move about in the first few weeks, and soon after the heart begins to beat. Generally a first time expectant mother will not feel movement and kicks until later on than a second timer. Usually most first timers begin to feel the baby, onaverage, between the 18th and 22nd week.

How soon will you be able to feel the baby move?

how far the baby developed at twelve weeks how far the baby developed at twelve weeks how far the baby developed at twelve weeks

How soon into the pregnancy can you start feeling the baby move?

How soon into the pregnancy can you start feeling the baby move?The baby will begin moving between 7 & 9 weeks. There is a wide range of when moms report starting to feel that movement from as few as 10 weeks to as many as 25. With the first baby most moms normally recognise the feeling between 16 & 20 weeks and the overall average seeming to be between 15 and 18 weeks. Experienced moms normally feel the baby earlier then first time moms. Others (like daddy) will usually begin to be able to feel baby kick around the end of the 2nd trimester.

How soon can you feel a baby move?

4-7 months is usually when the baby's body is developing

If you are pregnant when can you feel a knot in your stomach?

You will be able to touch your abdomen and begin to notice the increased size of your uterus usually around the same time that you begin to "show", near week 10 of most pregnancies. You may start to feel the movement of the baby around the fifth month (20 weeks). Women who are overweight usually don't feel it as soon as smaller women, but most will feel the movement, pokes, and kicks by week 21.

Feeling movements but home pregnancy test in negative?

If you are not pregnant, then you aren't feeling fetal movement. Even if you are pregnant, you don't feel fetal movement until at least 16 weeks and that is the quickening. If the pregnancy test is negative, go to the doctor and ask for a blood test. The blood test will test your HCG levels. If the levels are over 2, then you are pregnant. If you are late for your period then you may be pregnant. If you aren't late for your period, it is too soon to tell.

How soon can you feel fetal movement if you are pregnant?

If you are expecting your first baby you can expect to feel your baby for the first time between 18 and 24 weeks gestation. If this is not your first baby you can expect to feel your baby a bit sooner than you felt your first. This is usually said to happen because you know what you're feeling for and your uterus is more stretched out than it was the first time around There may be reasons that you are not feeling movement as early as you are expecting to feel it. Many of these are normal occurrences, including your body weight, your baby's position and the location of the placenta. The second big milestone is when others can also feel the baby move. Your partner might be surprised by a quick thump here or there, after many weeks of patiently (or impatiently) waiting. A sibling might get a quick bump on the cheek or hand and be very excited about the reality of the new baby.

How soon should you feel something moving if you just found out you are pregnant?

You feel your baby move roughly between 16-24 weeks of pregnancy

How soon can you see the baby move on the outside of your stomach?

There is no set time that you will begin to notice your baby move on the outside. You will feel it move inside first, usually around 20 weeks, but often several weeks earlier. Noticeable external movement will depend on your size (how much extra tissue (i.e. fat) there is between your uterus and your skin), whether you've been pregnant before, the size of the baby, and the position of the baby. If the baby is facing outward (its back toward your backbone), it will be easier to see movement.

Can you feel the baby move at sixteen weeks?

Yes it is possible to feel movement at 16 weeks. Don't worry if you don't feel it this soon. It is different for each pregnancy.Fetal movementsMost women will feel movements in a first pregnancy at around 20 weeks and with second and subsequent pregnancies at around 16 weeks, but as said above it Amy be a bit earlier or later.

Can you feel a five month old fetus move?

I certainly could. I was feeling movement in this pregnancy shortly before 20 weeks, which is 4.5 months. Not everyone starts feeling movement at the same time, though, so not every woman will feel movement that early with every pregnancy, although the vast majority will feel it soon after that.

How soon do babies kick?

Sometime between 16 and 22 weeks, you'll start to feel your baby move.

How soon can you have a baby after cesarean and your preoied?

How soon can you have a baby after cesarean and your preoied?"can you get pregnant agin How soon can you have a baby after cesarean and your preoied?"can you get pregnant aging

Why would there be no fetal movement at 18 weeks 4 days?

When you say "no fetal movement" do you mean that you have just been unable to feel the baby move as of yet? Or have you had altrasounds that show that the baby does not move? For my first pregnancy I did not feel he baby move till 20 weeks. And the pregnancies after that I was able to feel a bit earlier, but not much. I would say if you are getting good heart tones and the altrasound shows well, not to worry, likely soon you will be asking to not be able to feel it for a while. If you have felt it a lot, and than for days are not feeling it, that is a certain reason for a trip to the doc to check for the babies heart. But if you have not felt it at all yet, try to be at peace, and trust your little one is on Gods hands.

What does a baby kicking feel like?

You probably won't feel your baby kick until around week 16 and 22, even though the baby has been moving since week 7 or 8. You may have already witnessed these movements during an ultrasound. This is often felt as a fluttering feeling or a grasshopper walking across your belly during the first movements. At first, you will not notice many kicks, and this is okay. One day you may notice the baby is quite active and feel no movement at all the next day. It is nothing to worry about until you have movement on a regular basis and should keep track. If you notice a lack of movement, you should contact your doctor soon (don't panic this doesn't mean you are having a miscarriage, just room for concern and you doctor may want to induce you early to protect the health of you and your baby).

Can a baby survive if you used depo?

yes,however if you feel that you may be pregnant you should see a dr as soon as possible.

How soon after baby is born can you do a paternity test?

Pretty much as soon as the baby is born

Can a baby kick at three months?

of course but it feels just like a flutter to you and will get stronger over time. What you might think is the baby at this stage might not be but you will feel it soon enough.

Can you feel movement in the first 6 weeks of pregnancy?

No at 6weeks your baby is still an embryo and it's arms and legs are still forming and would just be small buds at this point. You probably will start to feel your baby's movements shortly after the second trimester. I was able to feel my baby's flutters around 16weeks, so something for you to look forward to soon. Best of luck with your pregnancy.

What does your stomach feel like after about a week within conception?

it souldnt feel any different it is to soon for the baby to grow to considerably, you may notice some cramoing but it isn't to likely

How soon do you feel movement in your abdomen when pregnant?

It depends on whether it's your first pregnancy or not. You feel it later on in your first pregnancy. In your first pregnancy it's around 16 weeks or so and you feel what is called 'fluttering' which can be mistaken for gas.

Is Hannah Montana going to have a baby soon?

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