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Are you wondering when an HIV test will detect antibodies? It depends on the state that you live in and what their protocol is. From the time you become infected to the time you produce antibodies is called the "window period." This can take 3 months to 6 months. It all depends on what testing technology your state department of health uses. If you put yourself at risk anytime during the window period, you will need to be retested at the end of the 3 or 6 months to be sure that you are uninfected. If you have good insurance, or can afford it, some doctors will do what is called a PCR test. That detects the virus itself. Usually they can pick up the virus in 3 to 4 weeks. They tend to be very expensive though. A standard HIV antibody test is usually done for free through your local department of health, AIDS service organizations, family planning clinics and Planned Parenthood. There are also rapid tests available that can give you results in 20 minutes.

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Q: How soon does the HIV virus show up in the blood?
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What show up in Aids blood test?

Antibodies to the virus HIV.

When does someone have an HIV diagnosis?

As soon as they test positive for the HIV virus.

Can you get hiv from blood?

Yes; if it has the virus.

Is there HIV vires in menstruation blood?

Yes, but only if the person is HIV-positive. HIV is a blood-borne virus.

Can HIV virus be alive in soft drink?

The HIV virus can only be transferred through blood, so no.

How likely is it to get HIV from needle prick?

If the fluid in the needle (I assume blood) does not contain the HIV virus, it is impossible to get HIV from the needle stick. If the blood in the needle is infected with HIV, then there is a fair chance the virus will be transmitted.

Can you get HIV from someone injecting food with HIV?

well, cannot take hiv and put it in something. as soon as you take the blood out of your body (if u have hiv) it dies right away. and besides hiv(AIDS)is passed through blood it cannot be passed by food.(even if you have hiv and put your blood on food as soon as it hits your stomichthe acid will kill it)HIV does not live outside the human body. The virus dies very shortly after exposure to air.

What body fluid can not transmit the HIV virus?

You can only get HIV from blood contact

If there's no HIV in the blood could you still be infected and what if you had contact with blood that's not infected with HIV?

In order to contract HIV from blood, it must be infected with the virus. Otherwise, you will not contract HIV.

How body fluid transmits HIV virus?

what 3 fluids transmit the hiv virus? saliva, blood, genital fluids

Can o blood type contract the aids virus?

Yes. No blood type is immune from the HIV virus.

How does blood related to HIV and AIDS?

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is transmitted through contact with infected blood.

Can duck blood carry HIV?

NO, ducks cant get HIV. HIV is only spread in humans and a virus similar is in monkeys. The virus can't be spread in ducks.

How we can detect HIV in window period?

doing a blood test to detect HIV virus

What is the Survivability of HIV virus?

The HIV virus dies when exposed to the air, so dried blood and dried semen are perfectly safe.

What is HIV and how do you get it?

HIV is a virus . Its full name is HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS . It attacks people through blood , semen and breast milk .

Is HIV an rna or DNA virus?

HIV is a virus. Because it is a retrovirus HIV has 2 fragments of RNA Moleculehiv is rna virusNo HIV attacks t cells which produce white blood cells. White blood cells attack infections and disease and viruses etc. so with no white blood cells or few of them no virus can be fought off, so something like a cold is the thing that actually kills contains rna, the rna i the virus go into ribosomes and effect the human body

Can hiv virus live longer in the wet blood when exposed to air?

No; as air dries out the blood it will kill the virus.

What is the first test to determine the presence of HIV?

Today, there are three major types of HIV test: antibody test, antigen test, and DNA test. Each test can determine a specific substance that is present in the blood of an infected person. It is also known as ELISA - Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay test. It is the first HIV test to determine the antibodies in the blood of an infected person. When HIV virus enters your body, it generates some proteins called antibodies and releases into the blood to fight against the foreign organisms such as virus. Remember that the HIV antibodies will not be produced immediately when you get infected. It usually takes 1-2 months to appear in your blood. The period of time between an exposure of an infection and development of antibodies is known as window period. So, ELISA test is ineffective during window period. For this test, a sample of your blood will be taken to identify the presence of antibodies to HIV virus. If the results are positive, then it confirms that you are infected with HIV virus. If the test results are negative, it indicates that there are no antibodies against HIV in your blood. Although the ELISA test is easy, cheap, and very effective, it can produce false HIV positive results. So, a second antibody test known as a Western Blot will be performed with the same sample for more accurate results. When your Western Blot results positive then it confirms the presence of HIV virus in your body. It is a second HIV test to determine the antigens in your blood. Antigens are the foreign substances (called the P24 protein) on the HIV virus that motivate your immune system in the production of antibodies. These in turn destroy the antigen. For this HIV test, a sample of your blood will be collected to determine the P24 protein in your blood. If the test results are positive, it confirms that you are with HIV infection. This test can determine the HIV infection very soon when compared to the HIV antibody test. It is a third HIV test to detect the genetic material and the HIV virus in the blood. DNA is the complex protein consists of all the genetic information of human being. The positive result of this test confirms that you are with HIV infection. It can detect the HIV virus very soon when compared to other two HIV tests. The HIV DNA test can detect the infection as soon as within one week after you get infected with HIV virus. It is a rarely used HIV test for detecting the HIV virus in your body because they are expensive and difficult to manage when compared to HIV antibody or P24 protein test. The type of HIV DNA test used to the babies born to mothers with HIV virus is called a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test. With above mentioned tests, the HIV virus can be determined.

Can you get HIV oral kissing with HIV positive?

Casual kissing will not transmit the HIV virus. Saliva doesn't transmit the virus. Unless there is blood in the mouth, it would be unusual to get HIV infection from kissing.

Blood that is tested for HIV is tested for presence of antibodies to the virus not the virus itself?


Do the HIV virus can stay in the semen or in blood only?

in my understandig the hiv virus lives only with in cell becous hiv virus is obligatory intracelular parasite so hiv may stay in the semen b/c of semen has contain small amount of blood but rather than blood hiv in the semen short life long b/c the muliplication may disteb

Can you get HIV from someone stepping on you with their heel?

No. You can only get the HIV virus through blood transfers and sex.

How long does HIV survive in open air?

As soon as the blood "dries" up (not liquid), the virus dies too. Some estimates has shown that the virus will not survive more than 10 minutes???

How long does the HIV virus live inside alcoholic drinks?

how long does the hiv virus survive in alcoholic drinks if poured several drops of hiv positive blood in alcoholic drinks mixed with cold water how long does the virus of hiv will survive