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As soon as the egg is fertilized it begins to travel down to the uterus, this can occur about 12-36 hours after ovulation. Then actual implantation can be between 7 and 11 days after ovulation.


its not a period its a tiny weeny bit of blood

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Q: How soon does the implantation period begin?
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How soon do you feel implantation cramps before period is due?

I started feeling them two days before my expected period day.

Could a light pinkish discharge instead of a period be implantation bleeding?

Yes it can be a sign of implantation bleeding. If the bleeding is very light and not light a normal period than this could be implantation. Yes it can be a sign of implantation bleeding. If the bleeding is very light and not light a normal period than this could be implantation. Yes it can be a sign of implantation bleeding. If the bleeding is very light and not light a normal period than this could be implantation.

If cramping occurs about a week before your period is due could this be a sign of implantation?

It is more likely that it is because your period is going to arrive soon. However, if you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

What is implantation bleeding and how soon can you get it?

When the fertilised egg (zygote) burrows into the wall of the uterus (implantation) it my cause a little bleeding, not more than a spot or two. This usually occurs 6-10 days after ovulation and fertilisation, so anything from a week before a period is due up until the period. About 25% of women have implantation bleeding.

How soon can implantation bleeding spotting begin Is it possible the first week after menstruation or how long?

No. If you conceive during a cycle (generally about halfway between periods) the implantation bleeding would not be seen until around the time your next period is due or a few days before. It can be seen even later than this. You might not even see any at all.

How can you tell the difference betweenan early period and implantation bleeding?

How can you tell the difference between an early period and implantation bleeding?

How soon will you know if you're pregnant if I'm on my period right now?

If you are on your period then you are not pregnant. Sometimes a woman can have implantation bleeding when there period would be due, but it would be much lighter and not follow the pattern of a period (light,heavy,light)

When does a woman begin developing eggs after her period?

Eggs are not actually developed. They are always there in your ovaries, they just don't come down until after your period. They begin to come down soon after your period stops.

How soon can you get a positive pt after implantation bleeding?

This is a good question, i need to know how soon. ive heard you have to wait 2 weeks hope this helps! Heres what happened to me. i know weird instead of spotting 9 days before your period i did this 9 days after do you think this could be implantation bleeding?

Does pregnancy start at conception or implantation?

Implantation as this is when the foetal cells implant and begin producing hcg.

What if your period was a weekearly and lighter than nomal and have cramping can you be pregnant?

Yes! It may be implantation bleeding rather than a period. Implantation bleeding is often mistaken for a period.

Does implantation bleeding have an odor?

no it dont only a normal period will have a odor not a implantation bleeding

How soon after implantation can you detect the pregnancy hormone in a pregnancy test?

with an hpt 5 days before your missed period.... or get a hcg blood test by your doctor

Can you mistake your period for implantation bleeding?

If your period is light, yes.

Can implantation be period like?


Can you get implantation bleeding on the day of your period?


Is it is possible to have an implantation bleeding on ninth day of your missed period just for a day?

is it possible to have implantation bleeding on ninth day of your missed period

Is there such things as implantation without an expected period and have normal cycle later?

No. Implantation does not always cause bleeding, a late period with a positive pregnancy test is the only way to be sure "implantation" or pregnancy has occurred.

Can you start cramping as soon as you concive?

It is unlikely that you would begin cramping right away. The first cramping you should notice would be around the time of your implantation bleeding.

Can implantation bleeding occur 2 days after your period ends?

No, it can't. Implantation bleeding occurs when you don't get a period, and your body is actually pregnant. You are not pregnant.

How long does implantation lasts?

Implantation period occurs 6-12 days after intercourse. Implantation bleeding lasts a few hours to 3 days.

How soon after unprotected intercourse do you get implantation cramps and you started ovulation a week or so later?

You can get implantation cramps as soon at three weeks after intercourse. You can ovulate different days throughout the month.

Can you get a normal period during implantation?


Is excessive vaginal discharge a sign a period will soon begin?

yes it does mean that your period will come soon...well i told my doctor that i always have discharge but then it gets really heavy right before my period and she told me that was normal and that when you get discharge it does mean that your period is on its way

How do you know whether its a implantation bleeding or normal period bleeding?

It is little bit confusing ...period bleed wil be heavy,implantation just makes spot ,