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The dismissal should be entered and the case dismissed within a few days of the time that you or your attorney submit it for filing with the bankruptcy court.

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Q: How soon will a Chapter 13 voluntary dismissal request become effective?
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Will a request for a voluntary dismissal of a chapter 13 appear on the person's credit report?


What should you do if an attorney you had filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy after you told him not to?

Request a voluntary dismissal of the BK 13, and find another attorney if necessary.

If you request a voluntary dismissal can a debt listed in the bankruptcy still be paid off?


What does case dismissed with disposition of request for dismissal mean?

Complaint dismissed as to Swanson, Pamela with disposition of Request for Dismissal. what does case dimissed with disposition of request for dismissal mean

What does this mean Case disposed with disposition of request for dismissal?

It means exactly what it says. It was disposed of due to a request for dismissal. What you REALLY need to find out is - was the dismissal WITH prejudice or WITHOUT prejudice. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

A sentence for voluntary?

I played a voluntary on the organ on Sunday. Your response to my request is entirely voluntary.

What is notice of voluntary dismissal of complaint and lis pendens?

It is a notice that the complaint has been dismissed at the request of the plaintiff, and the notice of lis pendens, which is a notice filed in the place where deeds are recorded showing that the property may be seized to pay the debt, is also null and void. If the plaintiff has not recorded the order of dismissal, the owner of the property should file it where the deed and lis pendens was recorded.

Change dismissal to with perdudice?

A Dismissal WITH PREJUDICE, means that the same charge cannot be re-filed by the prosecutor - altho the defendant may file a request for such a motion - it is strictly the judge's prerogative.

What does Request for Dismissal of Does mean?

Unless the word "Does" is misspelled or it is an acronym for something, there is no legal word that fits the question as it is stated.

What is a motion to vacate dismissal?

A motion to vacate dismissal is a request made to the court to "re-open" a case. There is an order of dismissal if a party failed to appear for a hearing, if it is determined by the court that a party has not stated a claim upon which relief may be granted or any number of other reasons. The party that the order of dismissal is against, will file this motion indicating justifiable reasons for which dismissal would be unjust to the moving party.

Can you request dismissal of a seat belt ticket if your birth date was improperly filled out on ticket?

You can request a dismissal of a seat belt ticket because obviously the person on the ticket isn't you if it doesn't match your birth date. However, the judge will decide if it is thrown out or not. Cases are often thrown out for mistakes on the officers part.

What is voluntary dismissal without prejudice?

Since it is voluntary, it would seem to indicate that the prosecutor requested that the court dismiss the charge, subject to its being re-institued at some later time, rather than by the prosecutor simply Nolle Prossing it.It is an order issued by a judge dismissing the charges that were brought in the case - usually for some legal insufficiency, or lack of evidence, of the case itself.There are two types of dismissal:Dismissal WITH Prejudice, and Dismissal WITHOUT Prejudice.WITHOUT Prejudice means that the charges MAY be re-instituted and brought before court again.In addition: In civil cases a party may take or request and get a voluntary dismissal of a claim (whether a plaintiff's complaint or a defendant's counterclaim, etc) if, for example, that party is not capable of proceeding with his/her case at that particular time. The claim may be reinstated or refiled at a later date, provided the statute of limitations governing that claim has not expired.

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