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The media should consult sport personalities before portraying anything about them

Access to specific information about sport personalities should be restricted

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Ayanda Ravhambelani

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2022-05-16 20:44:33
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2023-05-14 12:32:16
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When was the editorial It's Time for a Nation to Return the Favor most likely written

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2023-05-19 03:34:12

The media should provide unbiased, accurate and reliable information

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Gerard Loe

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2022-05-12 19:10:29


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Defney Katekani

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2022-05-14 11:53:41
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Masesi Mtarin

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2022-05-15 13:40:48
Provide five recommendations on how these challenges can be addressed

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Thato Nkuna

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2023-05-28 18:00:33

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Q: How sports personalities are portrayed by the media discuss FIVE recommendations to the media on how these challenges can be addressed?
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How sports personalities are portrayed by the media provide five recommendations on how these challenges can be addressed?

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