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a sunflower can get 20 feet long

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Q: How tall do sunflowers get?
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How do sunflowers grow so tall?

sunflowers grow so tall because the roots push the seeds up and the soil and that is why it grows so tall.

How tall can sunflowers grow up to?


How tall do sunflowers grow?

15 feetCertain varieties of sunflowers grow 15 feet tall, but there are varieties that grow much shorter.

What is sunflower poems?

SUNFLOWERS Sunflowers grow tall Lift your head to be bright sunshine Mother Nature's child

What are the disadvantages of having Sunflowers in the world?

they can grow to tall

What are the features of sunflowers?

tall yellow hold seeds

How tall can a sunflower grow up to?

Sunflowers can grow over 6 feet tall.

Why do sunflowers grow so tall?

Craven sunflowers stain have been developed to grow tall. They have been breed to grow over 20 feet tall. I have Sunflowers that grow over 20 ft tall each year. It is important to protect the plants from wind and grow in full sun. Attaching them to poles to help them stand up in wind storms. Sunflowers growth point will keep growing tall and only slow down as the daily sunlight drops and triggers them to Flower.

How big do sunflowers grow?

Up to 15 feet tall.

How tall can sunflowers grow?

a sunflower can grow 8 feet

Is sunflower herb?

Yes. Sunflowers are tall, perennial herbs.

How tall can a sunflower get in inches?

SunflowerSunflowers can grow anywhere from 3 to 15 feet tall.

Are the tall sunflowers endangered?

Tall sunflowers are not endangered. Depending on your definition, most sunflower plants grow to be "tall" (from 5 to ten feet). Many commercial varieties are mass-produced specifically for height, such as American Giant Hybrid.

How tall can sumflowers grow?

sunflowers can grow from 8 to 12 ft

How tall can wildflowers get?

I have seen 9 foot high sunflowers in the wild.

What type of flowers grow tall?

Sunflowers can grow to be very tall. They can grow to be from 5 to 12 feet (1.5 to 3.5 meters) tall!

What do the sunflowers look like?

they are really tall and are yellow and have black seeds in the middle

Which tall bright yellow flower attracts bees?

Sunflowers, among others.

How tall do sunflowers get to be?

between 40 cm (you get dwarf varieties) to over 2.5 meters

What is a tall flower that grows in afternoon sun?

Sunflowers are tall (often reaching or exceeding six feet) and like lots of sunlight.

How tall do all flowers grow?

All flowers grow to different heights. I have seen sunflowers that are 8 feet tall and crocuses that are only 8 inches tall.

Your sunflowers are tall and now they are gorwing over and down why?

because they are dying with no water and dry soil they will!

Does sunlight affect the height of sunflowers?

Sunflowers love sunshine and need to grow in full all day sun. If you want to grow them to 20ft tall or more.See the contest at the Royal winter fair.

Where did van Gogh paint 'Sunflowers'?

The "Sunflowers" were painted in Arles, France

When did Claude Monet paint 'Sunflowers'?

Monet's Bouquet of Sunflowers was painted in 1881.