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4ft 9inches is 144.78 cm

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How tall is 122 cm in feet?

1 foot = 30.48 centimeters so 122cm =4feet

How many feet and inches are in 137 centimeters?

137 centimeters = 4feet and 5.93 inches.

How tall is doc shaw?

he is about 5feet 9inches

How many cms in 4feet?

4 feet = 121.92 centimeters

How many centimeters in 4FEET 9 INCHES?

4 feet 9 inches=144.78 centimeters

How tall is rose-marie tanguay?

4feet and 3inches tall

How tall do you have to be not to need a car seat?

i think you have to be about 5 or 4feet tall.

How tall is Ashley Boettcher?

she is about 3FT 9INCHES HOPE I HELPED

How tall is 5feet9inches in cm?

5feet 9inches is 175.26 cm

How tall is Ann Wilson from the group 'Heart'?

She is tall for a Woman about 5ft 9inches

How tall is redfoo and sky blu from lmfao?

i think skyblu is like 5ft 9inches tall

How far is 135 centimerters?

135 centimeters = 53.15 inches (rounded) 4feet 5.15inches

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