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George Weasley's height is never mentioned. The actor who played him, Oliver Phelps, is 6'3. However, in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, he is described as "short and stocky," so that at the age of 13, his 11-year-old brother Ronald Weasley is about as tall as him.

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Q: How tall is George Weasley?
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Did George Weasley die?

No, his twin Fred Weasley does. George Weasley lost his ear.

Did Fred or George Weasley marry Angelina Johnston?

George Weasley married her. Fred Weasley died.

What are the Weasley twins' names?

Fred Weasley and George Weasley.

Do Fred and George Weasley ever get married?

George Weasley married Angelina Johnson. Fred Weasley died when he was twenty.

Who did Fred and George Weasley take to the Yule Ball?

Fred Weasley took Angelina Johnston, but it is unknown who George Weasley took.

Did Fred and George Weasley get married?

Fred Weasley died in the seventh book and was not marrie. George Weasley married Angelina Johnson.

Is George Weasley still alive?

Yes, George Weasley survived the series. His twin, Fred Weasley, was the one who died. George eventually married and had three children.

Who are Fred and George Weasley?

Fred and George Weasley are Ron Weasley's elder twin brothers.

What Weasley twin married Angelina Johnston?

George Weasley.

Why did George Weasley die?

He didn't. Fred Weasley died.

What are the names of the twin boys?

Fred Weasley and George Weasley

Who played Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter movies?

James Phelps plays Fred Weasley.Oliver Phelps plays George Weasley.

What book did and George Weasley die in?

As of Deathly Hallows, George Weasley is still alive and canonically not dead.

Does George Weasley have a pet?

No, George Weasley did not have his own pet. He did however, have a family owl named Errol.

Who are the members of the Weasley family?

There were a total of nine members in Weasley family........ Mr Arthur Weasley Mrs Molly Weasley Bill Weasley Charley Weasley Percy Weasley George Weasley Fred Weasley Ronald Weasley Ginny Weasley

Did George Weasley ever see Fred Weasley again?

Not in the flesh.

What is George Weasley's real name?

The character's real name is George Weasley. The actor who plays George Weasley in the films is Oliver Phelps.

Who likes George Weasley?

I do

Did Fred Weasley loose an ear?

No, George Weasley lost an ear. Fred Weasley was killed.

Who did George Weasley kiss?

Throughout the series George Weasley does not kiss anybody. He later married Angelina Johnston.

How old is George Weasley?

George Weasley is 19 at the end of the final book (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows).

What are the names of Lily Luna Potter cousins?

As part of the Weasley family she has many distant cousins. The ones listed below are her first cousins.Rose Weasley (by her uncle Ronald Weasley)Hugo Weasley (by her uncle Ronald Weasley)Fred Weasley II (by her uncle George Weasley)Roxanne Weasley (by her uncle George Weasley)Lucy Weasley (by her uncle Percy Weasley)Molly Weasley II (by her uncle Percy Weasley)Victoire Weasley (by her uncle Bill Weasley)Dominique Weasley (by her uncle Bill Weasley)Louis Weasley (by her uncle Bill Weasley)

Who killed Fred and George Weasley?

George Weasley wasn't killed, he survived the series. Fred Weasley was killed in an explosion most likely caused by Augustus Rookwood.

Did George Weasley have children?

George Weasley marries Angelina Johnson and they have two kids.Their first child is named Fred Weasley II, after George's deceased brother.Their second child is named Roxanne Weasley.

Which of the Weasley twins got married?

George Weasley married Angelina Johnson. Fred Weasley died when he was twenty.