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How tall is King Tutankhamuns pyramid?

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He has no pyramid he was buried in a tomb cut from the rock in the Valley of the Kings.

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What did King Tutankhamuns pyramid look like?

King tut had a big pyramid

How big was King Tutankhamuns pyramid?

three ft

When was King Tutankhamuns pyramid build?

1436 b.C.

What is the size of King Tutankhamuns pyramid?

King Tut wasn't buried in a pyramid, he was buried in the Valley of the Kings.

Where are many of King Tutankhamuns artifacts stored?

In his pyramid where he was buried.

What did they do with King Tutankhamuns body?

Um..they mummified it and put it in the pyramid....yeah (:

Where was King Tutankhamuns pyramid?

King Tutankhamun's tomb is located in the East Valley of the Kings, in Paris.

What is the name of king Tutankhamuns pyramid?

Tutankhamun never had a pyramid, he was buried in an underground tomb. His tomb's designated name is 'KV62'.

Where is king tutankhamuns pyramid?

Nowhere. By Tut's day the dangers from tomb robbers were well known, and a pyramid would have been an invitation to them. The tomb is underground, in the Valley of the Kings.

How tall was king kufus pyramid?

550 feet tall

Where is tutankhamuns mummy today?

in a pyramid in the valley of kings :)(:

Is King Tutankhamuns pyrimad still standing?

King Tut didn't have a pyramid. Pyramids were only built during the Old Kingdom and King Tut lived during the New Kingdom

How many years did it take to build King Tutankhamuns pyramid?

King Tut did not have a pyramid he was buried in a rock cut tomb in the Valley of the Kings (KV62). The tomb was rediscovered by Howard Carter in 1922 complete with all its grave goods.

What was King Tutankhamuns goals?


What was King Tutankhamuns favorite thing as king?


Who built King Tutankhamuns pyramid?

King Tut's pyramid didn't have a name, it wasn't finished by the time he died. King Tut's final resting place was a tomb that was suposed to be built for a noble. He didn't have a pyramid because the Egytain stopped making because people stole the gold and rich things from it. He was buried in the valley of kings.

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Who was king Tutankhamuns father?


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What was King Tutankhamuns treasure?

His playboy.

What was King Tutankhamuns name?


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