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Michelle Obama tells Barbara Walters on "The View" that she is 5 feet 11 inches tall.
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What does Michelle Obama do?

Michelle Obama is an attorney, a wife, a mother, and theforty-sixth First Lady of the USA. She is also the firstAfrican-American First Lady. Mrs. Obama is an active volunteer, whoadvocates for military families and she also has been leading thebattle against childhood obesity, by encouraging healthy ( Full Answer )

Who is Michelle Obama?

She is the First Lady of the United States Of America (President Barack Obama's wife and mother of his two children). She is the first African-American to hold the role of the First Lady. She was born January 17, 1964. A full biography is available via the related link in the related links sectio ( Full Answer )

What religion is Michelle Obama?

She was raised as a Methodist, then joined the Trinity UnitedChurch of Christ in Chicago. She has not joined a church inWashington.

Is Michelle Obama pregnant?

No, Michelle Obama is not pregnant and has not publicly announced any plans to have more children. As well, women in their 40s who become pregnant face more risks to mother and to fetus, so women are advised against becoming pregnant after age 40. Additionally, women's eggs naturally age with a wo ( Full Answer )

What is Michelle obamas maiden name?

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson. She is awesome! Michelle was named Michelle LaVaughn Robinson at birth so Robinsonis her maiden name. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Michelle Robinson. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson

Where did Michelle Obama go to college?

Michelle Obama graduated from Princeton University and Harvard LawSchool. She went to Princeton as an undergrad, where she graduated withhonors in 1985 and then to Harvard Law School where she got her JDin 1988.

When did Michelle Obama meet Barack Obama?

She met him in 1989 when he was a summer intern at the same law office (Sidley and Austin in Chicago) where she was an attorney. By many accounts, she was his supervisor at that time.

Where did Barack Obama meet Michelle Obama?

At a law office in Chicago. They met in 1989 when Michelle was working at a downtown law firmin Chicago. She was assigned the role of adviser to Barack Obama who just camefrom Harvard.

How did President Obama influence Michelle Obama?

By all accounts, they have actually influenced each other, and have a very happy marriage. Both have said in interviews that they bring out the best qualities in each other. For example, Michelle has noted that she has been a very intense person, but Barack is much calmer and does not let little thi ( Full Answer )

When did Barack Obama marry Michelle Obama?

October 3, 1992 was the day that Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson were married at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois. Married Michelle Robinson (October 3, 1992)

How did you meet Barack Obama Michelle Obama?

I assume you are asking about how Michelle met Barack. They met at a law firm in Chicago in the summer of 1988. Michelle was a lawyer and Barack was interning there. They did not expect to date at that time, since they were co-workers (and she was actually his boss, in a way); but later, he expresse ( Full Answer )

Is Barack Obama cheating on Michelle Obama?

No, there is no evidence of it. There are a few tabloid magazines and gossip websites that have made this claim, but such claims are typical of the tabloids: they spread rumors about famous people, often without any proof, and usually just to sell more magazines. By all accounts, the president and h ( Full Answer )

When did Michelle Obama have Sasha Obama?

Natasha Obama was born on June 10, 2001. She is 10 years old. The family's friend Dr. Anita Blanchard delivered both of the Obama's children at the university of Chicago Medical Center.

Does Michelle Obama wear wigs?

Mrs. Obama appears to have a full head of her own natural hair. She may wear a small piece of false curls or extensions on occassion as many women do , but she is always exquisitely coiffed for State functions.

Is michell Obama a lesbians?

No, Michelle Obama is married to Barrack Obama, a man, therefore she isn't a lesbian.

Where did Michelle Obama spend her childhood?

Michelle Obama was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Later, she attended college at Princeton, in New Jersey, and law school at Harvard in Cambridge MA, but her childhood was spent in Chicago.

Is Michelle Obama a role model?

Yes, First Lady Michelle Obama is a role model because she made the right decisions in her life, she graduated top of her class and went on to become a successful lawyer. She did not have any babies at a young age and out of wedlock. I think she is a strong role model for African American girls and ( Full Answer )

What does Michelle Obama normally wear?

Michelle Obama has been praised for her sense of fashion, as well as for being very practical. She can wear a designer gown at a special event, or she can buy something in a department store just because she likes it. She often has to be perfectly dressed because she is a public figure and people ex ( Full Answer )

Some things about Michelle Obama?

Her nickname in the family is Miche ( pronounced meesh); as a young girl, she played the piano so much she had to be told to stop; she and her brother skipped the second grade; when she was little, she shared a room with her older brother Craig; she was in the national honor society in high school; ( Full Answer )

Why did Obama and Michelle get married?

By all accounts, they married because they loved each other and had a number of things in common. They had met in 1989, when Michelle (Robinson) was an attorney and Barack was a legal intern. They dated for a while, and after Barack graduated from Harvard Law School in 1991, they decided to become e ( Full Answer )

Did Michelle Obama like Barack Obama?

Yes, Michelle Obama liked Barack Obama, but didn't want to date him at first because she knew he was going back to school at the end of the summer.

Why did Barack Obama marry Michelle Obama?

Barack Obama got married to Michelle (Robinson) Obama because hethought she was a beautiful and talented young woman when he mether at a law firm where they both worked. They married each otherbecause they loved each other, and contrary to tabloid rumors, theyseem to still love each other more than ( Full Answer )

How is Michelle Obama a hero?

She is an admirable role model because she is the first lady of the US and is an intelligent, articulate and attractive black woman in her own right. Apart from the fact that is difficult and potentially dangerous to live and raise children in the goldfish bowl that is the White House, I am not awar ( Full Answer )

Where does Michelle Obama get clothes?

Michelle Obama has very eclectic tastes and gets her clothes from a number of places. She enjoys having nice things from famous designers to wear at a formal dinner, but she also enjoys going shopping at a store like JCrew or the Gap or even Target, and she loves to find bargains.

How did Michelle Obama achieve her goal?

she accomplished her goals by working hard and being suceesful in life. she also achieved her goals by studing and doing homework and other stuff. hope tis answers your question. Gday mate.

Does Michelle Obama have a Twitter account?

Both Michelle Obama and Barack Obama have Twitter accounts. Sometimes, they tweet directly to their followers, and at other times, their staff members do the tweeting on their behalf. A tweet directly from them will include their initials.

Does Michelle Obama enjoy walking?

She is apparently a very active woman, with how much she encourages exercising , so it's fair to say she does enjoy walking.

Did Michelle Obama want kids?

Yes, she has said she was very happy to have children: she grew up in a loving home, and once she found the right person to marry (Barack Obama), she wanted to have a family with him; she hoped to provide the same kind of love and support for her kids that she believed her parents had given her.

What does Michelle Obama never do?

It is impossible to answer such questions. All that can be said is that there are many things she does not do. She never takes the 27 bus on Tottenham Court Road for instance.

How is Michelle Obama a good citizen?

Michelle Obama demonstrates good citizenship by supporting a number of worthwhile causes in her work as First Lady. She is very involved with helping military families. She encourages healthy eating and urban gardening, and she promotes volunteerism. Her campaign to prevent childhood obesity is also ( Full Answer )

Does Obama call Michelle Obama your Rock?

No, it is unlikely he calls her that. The two of them are very affectionate and caring with each other, and undoubtedly they do have pet names for each other, but they have not made these names public. However, some people have heard them use the word "honey" or "hon" in interviews on a couple of oc ( Full Answer )

How was childhood like to Michelle Obama?

Her child hood was good she had good parents they were great to her she growled up and had two children and got and man taht is on her side

How president Obama and Michelle get married?

They met at Sidley-Austin, a law firm in Chicago where Michelle was an attorney and Barack was a legal intern. Ultimately, Barack graduated from law school and returned to Chicago. He and Michelle began dating seriously, and in October of 1992, they got married.

How did Michelle Obama marry Barack Obama?

She had known him since they worked together at a Chicago law firm, and after dating for a while, they became engaged in 1991. They had a church wedding in 1992.

Does Michelle Obama love Barack Obama?

Yes, she absolutely does love him. There have been times in their marriage when they had some problems and she has been public about that; but they have been married since 1992 and by most accounts, they have grown closer as time passed.