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How tall is Nikki Sixx?

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Nikki Sixx's HeightOkay, I was a huge Motley Crue fan, so you peaked my interest with this question. After poking online for awhile, it would seem that Nikki Sixx is right around 6'1". I remember seeing him in concert and commenting on how long his legs were. I would have guessed that he was much taller. Hope this helps!

i read somewhere he was 6'2

6'1" Bald

6'8" Including Hair

2011-03-11 01:47:39
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What nicknames does Nikki Sixx go by?

Nikki Sixx goes by Sixxdawg, and Sixx.

Does Nikki Sixx have AIDS?

No, Nikki Sixx does not. But he does have plenty of children.

Are Andy sixx and Nikki sixx related?

No, Andy Sixx and Nikki Sixx are NOT related but Andy Sixx's role model is Nikki Sixx from the 80's band Motley Crue.

How can you meet Nikki Sixx?

If you to meet nikki sixx, go to a motley crue concert or a nikki sixx concert or a book signing.

Where does Nikki Sixx live?

Nikki Sixx lives in LA California

When was Nikki Sixx born?

Nikki Sixx was born on December 11, 1958.

What is Nikki sixx scared of?

Nikki Sixx ponders if he should convert to Judasim.

Is Andy Sixx related to Nikki Sixx?


Is Nikki sixx hispanic?

No, Nikki Sixx is Italian and born in San Jose, California.

Did Nikki Sixx sign Andy Six?

No, Nikki Sixx didn't sign Andy Biersack.

Is Nikki sixx Andy sixx father?

Definitely no.

Is Nikki sixx Jewish?


Is Nikki sixx alive?

Nikki Sixx is currently 50, and fully alive. Thanks for asking about his health, though!

What band is Nikki sixx currently in?

Nikki is still doing shows with Motley, but he is also touring with Sixx A.M.

Where did Nikki sixx get his name from?

He got it from his driver's license: the code "N-6", hence the name Nikki Sixx.

Who are Ex-wives of Nikki Sixx?

Brandi Brandt and Donna D'Errico are the ex-wives of Nikki Sixx.

How Old are Nikki Sixx brothers?

Nikki Sixx is the oldest of three sons. His brothers, Rodney Feranna born in 1962 and Sebastian Sixx born in 1965.

Does Nikki Sixx have a son?

Yes but its not Andy sixx if that's what your thinking

Who is decker sixx?

Decker Sixx is Nikki Sixx's 3rd child.

Who is gunner sixx?

Gunner Sixx is the first born child of the American metal band Motley Crue's Bassist, Nikki Sixx. Gunner Nicholas Sixx was born 25 January 1991, to Nikki Sixx and then wife Brandi Brandt.

Does Nikki sixx have any allergies?


Is Nikki sixx still alive?

Is Nikki Sixx Still alive today? hellz yea he is and the sexy man that he is With great hair

Is Nikki sixx dead?

Nikki Sixx is very much alive these days. However Nikki was pronounced dead from drug overdoses twice in the 1980s, but he was revived both times.

What are Nikki sixx's kids names?

Gunner Nicholas Sixx, Storm Brieann Sixx, Decker Nilsson Sixx, and Frankie-Jean Sixx.

Does Nikki Sixx have any brothers and sisters?

Yes, Nikki Sixx has two brothers and sisters one deceased names are Bobby Feranna who is currently 45 years old 4 years younger than Nikki Sixx and Sebastian Sixx who is 42 and seven years younger than him. He has one half-sister named Ceci. His older sister Lisa died when Nikki Sixx was in his thirties.