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there is a discrepancy in his biography, some say he was 5'10" some say he was only 5'8", we will never know now that he has died.

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Q: How tall is Yul Brenner?
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What nationality was Yul Brenner?

I think Russian.

What actors name begins with y?

Yul Brynner (also known as Yul Brenner).

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Yul Brenner

Who said 'So it is written so it shall be done'?

The actual quote by Yul Brynner was "So let it be written, so let it be done" Answer2: Yul Brenner in the film The Ten Commandments

What actor's name begins with the letter y?

yul brenner

What country was yul Brenner from?

ive heard Uzbekistan, but maybe russia

What is a celebrity's name starting with the letter Y?

yanni, Yul Brenner

What movie did yul brenner play a Russian?

The 1956 film Anastasia.

How tall is Yul Vazquez?

Yul Vazquez is 5' 11".

How tall is Yul Brynner?

Yul Brynner is 5' 8".

What celebrity name starts with a y?


Mans name that starts with a y?

There aren't any really common ones, but some of them are Yul (as in actor Yul Brenner) and Yves (as in designer Yves Saint Laurent)

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Andre Yul Taylor is 6' 6".

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Who were the two leading characters in Anna and the king of Siam?

Yul Brenner as the King and Deborah Kerr as Anna in the movie.

How tall was Yul Brynner?

He was 5'8"

Who was Yul Brynner?

Yul Brynner was a Russian born stage and movie actor, starring in such films as The Ten Commandments and The Magnificent Seven. Brenner died on October 10, 1985 of lung cancer at the age of 65.

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NFL player Sam Brenner is 6'-02''.

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