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a duck is about 20 or 30cm i would say but it could be higher like 50 or 90 .if you want a kind of true answer than it is 40cm

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How tall is Daffy Duck?

Daffy is about as tall as Elmer Fudd so presuming he is average height, Daffy is around 5'9".

What is the average sized duck?

the average sized of a duck is 1 foot(30cm)

If the average velocity of a duck is zero in a given time interval what can you say about the discplacement of the duck for that interval?

If the average velocity of a duck is zero in a given time interval, it can be said that the displacement of the duck is also zero. The duck did not leave its original position.

What is the actual size of a duck like what width or length of a duck?

each duck is 50 miles tall and is 75 km wide

How tall is a duck?

10 to 12 cm

What is the faster duck the malard or the wood duck?

Judging by the average speed rates, I would say the wood duck.

How much does an average duck weigh?

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What is the cheapest breed of duck?

Depending on your locality and place of purchase, it will on the average be the Pekin Duck, the most popular duck on the market in America.

What is the average height of a duck?

dont kw

How tall is a pink-headed duck?

they are a massive 2 cm tallthey are atually 20 m

How many eggs in a duck clutch?

How many eggs are laid in a duck clutch vary by the species of duck. On average a female duck will lay anywhere from 7 to 14 eggs at one time.

What is the average weight for a male duck in kilograms?

The average weight of a male mallard duck is about 2.5 lbs or 1.14 kg (2.5 lb/2.2 lb/kg)

How many limbs does a duck have?

Your average duck has 4 limbs: 2 legs and 2 wings, all edible.

How tall was the tallest duck?

the hot and sexy Senuri's Height about 165cm

What kind of duck is large and white with a yellow beak that has a tall yellow hornlike bump between it's eyes?

its not a duck its a Chinese goose

The weight for a mallard duck is?

About 0.9 to 1.2 kg on average

What size is the average duck penis?

5$ foot-long

What is the average weight for a duck?

depends on the breed of duck. The average weight of a mallard is almost 3 pounds for both male and female. A muscovy male will weigh around 7 and1/2 pounds while the femal will weigh almost 4 pounds. The average weight of a Pekin duck is 8 to 11 pounds.

How many bones are there in a duck?

It all depends on what type of duck it is, but most ducks average between 112-122 bones in their body

How tall is an average American?

an average american is about 5:7 feet tall

How tall is the average building?

The average building is around 15 feet tall

How tall is a average coconut tree?

they are 18 - 30 m tall in an average...

What is the gestation period of a malard duck?

23-29 days on average

How tall is an average baby?

how tall is a baby

What is the average weight for a girl of 9 who is 139cm tall?

what is average weight for girl of 139cm tall

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