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How tall is peoples court judge Marilyn milian?


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September 13, 2011 5:26AM

She's short. I've been to the People's Court on three separate occasions as a studio audience member. When in the studio, you see her standing when she comes out from her chambers at the beginning of each case and when she goes back into chambers for recess. Additionally, at the end of a session of taping, she'll come out to pose for photographs for anyone who wants them. Two of the three times I've seen her, she was wearing spike heels (very sexy by the way). The other time, she was wearing sneakers. I'm usually very good at guessing people's heights. I would say confidently she's no more than 5'3". However, I'd be willing to bet she's about 5'2" or possibly 5'1". Trust me... she's pretty damned short.