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The Tasmanian devil is about 30cm tall.


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A tasmanian devil is 30 inches (76 centimeters) tall and weighs about 26 pounds

The average height of an adult Tasmanian Devil is around 30cm, or 12 inches, at the shoulder.

Tasmanian devil is the correct spelling.

The genus of the Tasmanian devil is Sarcophilus.

Tasmanian devil was created in 1841.

Tasmanian devils do not eat other live Tasmanian devils. They will, however, readily feed on the carcass of another Tasmanian devil that has died.

Tasmanian devil is the common name.

The Tasmanian devil belongs to the class Mammalia.

No, the Tasmanian devil does not live in the desert.

The Tasmanian devil has a conservation status of Endangered.

A "Tasmanian Devil" is an animal. As such it does not have any geography. The Term "geography" can only be applied to land not animals. For instance you could as "What is the geography of Tasmania" or "What is the geographical habitat of the Tasmanian Devil" but not "What is the geography of a Tasmanian Devil".For the habitat of the Tasmanian devil, see the related question.

Yes - Tasmanian devils are nocturnal. The Tasmanian Devil hunts primarily at night.

No the Tasmanian devil isn't a real devil but they can be quite ferocious. :) this is probably why they got their name (devil).

the thorny devil is a lizard and the tasmanian devil is sort of a dog. also the tasmanian devil lives in tasmania and the thorny devil lives in south australia

The Tasmanian Devil is a carnivorous marsupial of the order Dasyuromorphia.

The Tasmanian Devil is, of course, part of the kingdom Animalia.

The Tasmanian devil was classified as endangered in 2008.

The female Tasmanian devil raises the young joeys.

The Tasmanian devil is not called a thief.

No. The Tasmanian devil is a mammal; specifically, it is a marsupial.The thorny devil is an Australian reptile.

A cancer called Devil Facial Tumour Disease is endangering the Tasmanian devil.

A Tasmanian devil is a Tasmanian devil, and a marsupial. It is not a kiwi (bird), a dingo (placental mammal) or an echidna (monotreme).

The indigenous people in Australia knew of the Tasmanian devil for thousands of years. The first European to describe and name the Tasmanian devil was naturalist George Harris in 1807.

The most common word by which Tasmanian Aborigines called the Tasmanian devil was "purinina".

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