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Joan of Arc was 5' 2" tall. A French scholar, Adrian Harmand in 1929, found the record of several articles of clothing ordered for Joan of Arc by the imprisoned (in England) Duke of Orleans for Joan's heroic efforts in raising the seige of Orleans in May, 1429. One of the articles was a robe, which was to be made from "fine Brussels cloth, 80 cm. long"). A robe would have extended from Joan's shoulders to her knee (all male garb in the Middle Ages ended at the knee). From this Harmand calculated Joan's height to be 1.58 meters, or approximately 5' 2" tall.

Source: Joan of Arc Her Story, by Regine Pernoud, 1998.

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What is the original size of Joan of Arc?

Joan was aboutt 5'2" tall and had a stocky build.

Why is Saint Joan of Arc called Joan of Arc?

Please see the related link Saint Joan of arc was called Joan of arc because arc was her surname was arc. Saint Joan was called Joan of Arc because her name was Jehanne D'arc which is french and translates to Joan of Arc. and it is joan of arc because surname was arc because it is

How tall was the real Joan of Arc and how much did she weigh?


Was Joan of Arc a tart?

No, Joan of Arc was not a 'tart.'

Is there a special day named after Joan of Arc?

Joan of Arc Day (the feast of Joan of Arc) is on May 30.

What hobby did Joan of Arc had?

joan of arc liked to fight

Who was Joan of Arc married to?

Joan of Arc was never married.

Was Joan of Arc decapitated?

No, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.

Who played Joan of Arc in the movie Joan of Arc?

Ingrid Bergman starred as Joan in the movie Joan of Arc in the 1948 version. However, in the latest creation of the 1999 film. LeeLee Sobieski starred as Joan of Arc.

Why do some people spell Joan of Ark Joan of Arc?

Joan of Arc is the correct spelling, not Joan of Ark.

What did they call Joan of Arc?

Maid of Orleans Joan of arc the savior

Did Joan of Arc love girls?

No, Joan of Arc was not a lesbian if that is what you are asking.

What were the religious beliefs of Joan of Arc?

Joan of Arc was a devout Catholic.

What legacy did Joan of Arc leave behind?

joan of arc was good

Did Joan of Arc have any babies?

No. Joan of Arc died a virgin.

Was Joan of Arc a girl or boy?

Joan of Arc was definitely a girl.

Who was the actress that portrayed Joan of Arc in 1939?

Ingrid Bergman starred as Joan in the movie Joan of Arc in the 1948 version. I can find no movie of Joan of Arc from 1939.

By what nickname was Joan of Arc known?

Joan was known as 'The Maid of Orleans.'

What is a description of Joan of Arc?

Joan is said to have been short, barely 5 feet tall, with a stocky build and black hair.

Who did Joan of Arc look up to?

Joan was barely 5 feet tall so she looked up to just about all adults.

What are the different names of Joan of Arc?

Joan of Arc, Jeanne d'Arc, the Maid of Orleans, La Pucelle d'Orléans, St. Joan, St. Jeanne, St. Joan of Arc, and St. Jeanne d'Arc are all alternative names for Joan of Arc.

How did st Joan of Arc die?

Joan of Arc was burned at stake by the English.

When was Joan of Arc executed?

Joan of Arc was executed on May 30, 1431.

Joan of arc led soldiers from what country?

Joan of Arc lead the French.

What is the book Joan of Arc about?

The book is about the life and exploits of Saint Joan of Arc.