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Q: How tall was big ben in 1848?
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How large is Big Ben?

how tall is big ben

How tall is Big Ben Kennedy?

Big Ben Kennedy is 6' 3".

How tall is escape the fate?

as tall as big ben

How tall is the ride Big Ben?

Big Ben is not a ride. It is a bell in the clocktower of the Palace of Westminster.

Is the Eiffel Tower taller than Big Ben?

The Eiffel Tower is taller than Big Ben. Eiffel Tower Height is about 1,063 feet, while Big Ben, which is the bell is about 2.2 metres tall. If your looking for the height of the tower, of which Big Ben is in, then it's 316 feet.

Which is taller Big Ben or the Sydney opera house?

Bi Ben is taller than Sydney Opera House by approximately 94'. Big Ben is 315' tall and the Opera House is 221' tall.

How many stories is Big Ben?

Big Ben, or more correctly, the Elizabeth Tower which houses Big Ben and the clock, has 11 floors and is over 96 metres tall.

How big was Ben Franklin's house when it was torn down?

It was big and tall

How many meters tall is big ben?

The bell is 2.28 m tall

What is the size of the Big Ben?

it is 316 feet tall

Who is Ben 10s most tall alien?

way big

How many cm tall is the big ben?

220 centimeters

What is the famous tall monument in London called?

Big Ben

How tall is big ben clock tower?

96 meters

How big is the bell in Big Ben?

The great bell is 2.2 meters tall, 2.9 meters wide. It strikes out the hours in the tower and is nicknamed Big Ben. It weighs 13.7 tonnes.

What are the measurements of the Big Ben?

The bell that is named Big Ben is 7 feet 6 inches (2.29 m) tall and 9 feet (2.74 m) diameter.

How tall is the fair ride Big Ben?

Well someone's answer Refering to the actual Big Ben In London, Has Nothing to do with the answer to this Question regarding the "FAIR RIDE" BIg Ben. Which Does Exist Because I have Rode It. I believe It's Just under 200 feet.

How tall is the clock tower?

If you are referring to the 'Big Ben' clock tower, it is 316 feet (96.3 metres) tall.

What are facts about Mount Ben Nevis?

How big is Mount Ben Nevis?Mount Ben Nevis is 1344 metres tall.

How big is Ben Nevis?

4406 feet tall. It is the highest mountain in the UK.

What clock tower is 316 feet tall by thames river?

Big Ben

When was Ben F. Caldwell born?

Ben F. Caldwell was born in 1848.

How far can you see big ben from?

Well to be honest no one can actually see big ben Because Big Ben is actually a bell that's why you hear the sound. Big Ben is called Big Ben because there used to be a man who was realy fat and very tall so massive used to work at the parlemetory house so they thought it was a good idea to name a bell after him his name was Benjaman Zaspheer.

How tall is waybig?

Ben 10: way big was 100 or 102 ft Ben 10 AF: way big was 200 Ben 10 UA: i don't really know but i guess ultimate way big is 500ft

What is the tall clock tower next to the Housses of Parliament usually called?

big ben