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They went three thousand miles on a galleon.

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Q: How the Spanish explorers save gas?
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What is the original meaning of the word tornado?

It comes from tronada and tornar (Spanish for thunder and to turn, respectively). The word tornado comes from the Spanish explorers who brought the name and passed it onto the American settlers in order to describe the thundering, twisting cloud that they saw.

Is Car exhaust solid liquid or gas?

gas. the gas you put in the car is liquid gas. When it comes out it is gas in it's gas form. The gas ruins the ozone. the reason why we have a hole in the ozone layer is because we drive so many cars. ~Advertisement-Boycott using cars today. Dedicated to this question. We want to save our ozone. If ultra violent waves get into earth we may all be blinded. Give up cars and walk or ride bikes more so we can close up the ozone hole. Plus you may not be able to breath in the future, because of all the gas fumes. Save yourselves today! Boycott cars and motor mobiles!~

Is lemonade a gas and a liquid?

Yes. Americans will often refer to the liquid fuel gasoline as "gas" for short, which might be confusing to residents of other countries. It is often known outside the U.S. as "petrol."

How do explorers get power?

they discover things for there land

How does a gas boiler work and what is it used for?

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How did spanish explorers save gas?

Spanish explorers sailed in ships using wind. They did not use gas.

What language did the Spanish explorers speak?

The Spanish explorers spoke Spanish.

What were the spanish explorers looking for?

The early Spanish explorers were looking for Silver and Gold!

How did the spanish explores save gas?

They went three thousand miles on a galleon.

How did Spanish explorers change Americans lives?

how did spanish explorers change the live in americas

What were spanish explorers of America called?

Spanish Explorers and Conquerors of the New World were called 'Conquistadors'.

What was the given name to Spanish explorers?

what name was given to the 1500's regarding the spanish explorers

What was primary object of Spanish explorers in northwest?

The Spanish explorers wanted to find gold, silver and power.

How did stories about cibola affect the spanish explorers?

The Cibola stories effected the spanish explorers because it was entertaining.

What year did the spanish explorers find Alabama?

Spanish explorers are believed to have arrived at Mobile Bay in 1519.

Who ars some spanish explorers?

Some Spanish explorers are Balboa, Cortes, Pizarro, Vizcaino, and Columbus (an Italian sailing Spanish ships).

What is the main Aztec influence on Mesoameric?

By many of the Spanish explorers the Aztecs were conquered by the Spanish and the Spanish were the first explorers to come to the New World