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Q: How the apparent change of position of constellations over time provides evidence of earths revolution around the sun?
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How does the change in the apparent position of the constellations provide evidence for earth's rotation and revolution?

A guess was made as to the layout and behavior of the players, then this model extrapolated to see if it matched the real thing.

The fact that the position of the constellations seems to change throughout the year is evidence that?

the earth is revolving

Where does the earth have to be in order to see constellations?

The earth's position has no affect on constellations' visibility. The position of the viewer on the surface of the earth will affect what constellations are visible.

A constellations changing position in the sky at the same time of the evening over a period of several weeks is evidence that what?

Earth's rotation around the Sun.

One lines of evidence of earth's revolution around the sun is?

It is the varying position of a constellation over a period of weeks.

Why do you name meteor showers after constellations?

Periodic showers which, due to their position and trajectory, appear to originate from specific constellations are named for that constellation.

Does the constellation Eridanus change from hour to hour and if so what direction does it move in?

No, the constellations appear to be moving but it is the earth that is rotating around the constellations. The constellations rise and set but they dont change position.

What is a stars apparent shift in position?


What are the difference between actual position and apparent position of the stick?


The fact that the position of the constellations seems to change throughout the year is?

Earth is revolving....

What is constellations changing position in the night sky due to?

That is due to the rotation of Earth.

What are the evidences that earth revolves around the sun?

Several pieces of evidence. For example, the parallax: the apparent position of a nearby star changes slightly, because of the change in Earth's position. That is, its position now will not be exactly the same as its position 6 months later, when Earth is on the other side of its orbit. This is used to calculate the distance of nearby stars.