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Since Congress is separated into two different Houses the leadership roles in each are different. Within what is referred to as the Peoples House there is the Speaker of the House, who is third in line to be president after the Vice-President, then you have the Majority Floor Leader, then the Minority Floor Leader. In the second part of Congress you have the Senate which has a dividing of leadership from the Vice-President, who presides over the Senate hearings and is called the President of the Senate and never votes but to break a tie, then there is the Majority and Minority Whips.

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What is the definition for congressional leadership?

The definition of Congressional Leadership is the party with the majority of seats, especially ironic considering their decided aversion to any sort of activity much less leadership.

What is a strong aspect of congressional leadership politics?


Where is the religious leadership organized in Judaism?

Each community has its Rabbi or Rabbis.

Elections induce members of Congress to conform to the preferences of their voters according to the principle of?

congressional leadership

Who organized the southern Christian leadership conference?

Martin Luther King Jr.

Why do we have election?

We have elections to elect our party, city/town, state, congressional, president/vice presidential leadership.

Where do ideas for bills come from?

US Citizen, organized groups, congressional committees, members of Congress, and the president.

How is hinduism's leadership organized?

it was founded by a bunch of teachers who wereunknowingly following in the footsteps of their gods

What system is used to determine who will chair congressional committees?

The party leadership is the one who actually makes the decision of who will serve as chair of Congressional committees. At one time committee chairs were determined by seniority.

What are the duties of a congressional staff member?

Congressional staff members help representatives stay organized during their daily duties. They also deal with the public by answering emails and phone calls from citizens.

How is the Confucianism leadership organized?

Confucianism does not exactly have a "leadership" because there is no god or prophets or things like that. i guess the leadership would start with Confucius himself and then go to his students and whoever spreads the teachings of Confucius.

What happens in a coup d'etat?

In a coup d' etat, or coup, an established and organized group, most often the milatary, forcefully deposes the current leader in order to assume political leadership. ALS "An organized group suddenly and forcefully assumes leadership."

What is meant by leadership skills?

Leadership is a subjective words, but most people agree that leaders are organized, intelligent, and quick learners. Leadership skills include being a hard worker, a good motivator, mature, and assertive.

Is it true that Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge followed the Whig model of presidential authority by deferring to congressional leadership?


What are the 5 features of civilization?

Advanced Agriculture, Long-Distance Trade, Occupational Specilization, Organized Leadership, & Urbanization

The congressional leaders who line up members on partisan issues and serve as a link between the rank-and-file members and the leadership are called?


What is CYLC?

CYLC can stand for three different things, they are as follows, Congressional Youth Leadership Council, a United States based youth organization, Kimmirut Airport, Canada, the ICAO airport code, Chinese Youth Leadership Camp, a nonprofit youth summer camp held in the Summer to promote leadership.

How is Hinduism's religious leadership organized?

Hinduism is a highly individual and non-centralized religion. Leadership is usually around community temple management, but nothing akin that of the Roman Catholic System of Cardinals and Bishops.

What kind of compliment is chairwoman?

The title " Chairwoman " indicates a position of leadership of an organized grouping. Thus it can be thought of as a very positive compliment.

Do Amish have leadership?

Yes, the Amish are organized into communities called "ordnungs" which are presided over by a bishop. The bishop dictates what the rules of the ordnungs are.

When did the American federation of labor start as Federal of organized trades and organized labor unions?

In 1866, a union was organized that was composed of several associations of skilled workers. This union came to be called the American Federation of Labor and grew and held many successful strikes under the leadership of Samuel Gompers.

Were native Americans uncivilized before the Europeans landed in the new world?

the native Americans where civilized people they had there own form of government an organized leadership

How is Jewish synagogue leadership organized?

Each synagogue has its own Rabbi. Some communities have a Rabbi whose authority is more widely recognized, but not all.

What kind of statement is Jill Wilcox deserves your vote for class president She has displayed strong leadership qualities that a president must have She organized the drama festival and raised fund?

"Jill Wilcox deserves your vote for class president She has displayed strong leadership qualities that a president must have She organized the drama festival and raised funds for it" is an appeals to logic rather than emotion.

What are five non-legistlative powers of congress?

Form committees, appoint congressional leadership, for district casework, declare their own schedules, franking privelages, automated ink signatures.