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It can be given orally or as an injection.

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I have had it given as an injection, a nasal spray, a throat spray and on a sugar lump over my lifetime.

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Q: How the polio vaccine is given?
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To whom is pulse polio vaccine given?

The pulse polio vaccine is given to small children.

How the pulse polio vaccine is given?

It can be given orally or as an injection.

How the plus polio vaccine is given?


How is the vaccine is given in pulse polio programme?

The vaccine is given through mouth because it is a live attenuated virus vaccine.

What is the polio vaccine called?

Poliomyelitis Vaccine. I don't think they're are any other names to it than that and the "Polio Vaccine" It can be done by OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine) or through inoculation (Dead Polio Virus is injected into your body). This immunization is known to have side effects.

What is the answer of To whom did the pulse polio vaccine given?

Pulse Polio vaccines are given to children of 1-5 age.

How is pulse polio vaccine is given?

In pulse polio programme, polio vaccine is given to all the children below the age of 5 years irrespective of there vaccination schedule, all at a time. This will reduce the burden of polio virus in society drastically.

Which is more commonly used here in the US inactivated polio vaccine or Oral polio vaccine?

Inactivated polio vaccine is given to children as part of their routine infant vaccinations during their first 18 months or so.

What is anti polio vaccine?

a vaccine that stops you getting polio!

Can you cure poliomyelitis?

There is no cure for polio, but polio prevention is available through a vaccine. Polio vaccine in the United States is given as an inactivated polio vaccine. Approximately 90 percent or more of polio vaccine recipients develop protective antibodies to all three polio virus types after two doses, and at least 99 percent are immune following three doses. With the continued success of polio vaccination programs, a cure for polio may be possible within the next decade.

What type of vaccine is polio vaccine?

To protect against polio.

Why was the polio vaccine given by mouth?

The Sabin vaccine was given by mouth because it was a live attenuated virus vaccine. Such vaccines have to actually infect you and grow for a short period of time, it could do this by mouth.