How the shuttle must be served?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Is the question about the space shuttle, or the game of shuttle-cock? More information is needed.

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Q: How the shuttle must be served?
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What space shuttle never flew in space?

The space shuttle Enterprise never flew in space. It served as an atmosphere-only test vehicle for NASA in the late 1970s.

An important factor NASA engineers must consider when preparing to send a Shuttle into space is?

The weight of the shuttle which will be send

Why must the space shuttle go so fast?

It has to move fast so it can escape gravity's pull on the shuttle.

How fast does a space shuttle travel while in orbit?

The Shuttle must reach speeds of about 17,500 miles per hour to stay in orbit.

Does atmosphere affects the space shuttle?

Atmosphere affects any craft that goes into outer space. On the way out, the shuttle must be able to overcome the friction from the air and on the way back, it must be insulated against the heat.

Why does the space shuttle flip when in flight?

The shuttle is traveling at a tremendous speed. In order to come out of orbit, the shuttle must slow down. When flipped backwards, the shuttle fires it's engines to slow down and enter the atmosphere. The shuttle begins to be slowed down by the atmosphere as it flips to a forward position for a proper landing.

Which space shuttle did neil Armstrong land on?

Neil Armstrong never served on a space shuttle mission. He was part of the Apollo Program

Why should the government continue to finance the space shuttle program?

Yes, because the space shuttle was NASA's space transportation system. It carried astronauts and cargo to and from Earth orbit. The space shuttle carried as many as seven astronauts at a time to and from space. It launched satellites and served as an orbiting science laboratory.

When must a reply be served?

A reply to a complaint must be filed within 20 days of the service of the complaint. The reply is called the answer and does not need to be served.

How do space shuttle get into space?

space shuttle orbiters are launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. They must not only travel the ~250 miles to reach "space", they must accelerate to over 17,000 mph to maintain orbit around the Earth. The shuttle orbiter uses its 3 main engines along with a pair of solid rocket boosters to do this.

The space shuttle releases a satellite into a circular orbit 600 km above the Earth How fast must the shuttle be moving relative to Earth when the release occurs?

This depends on the type of shuttle and its orbit. The speed can differ from satellite to satellite, therefore a definite answer can not be given about the exact speed of shuttle while it releases satellite.

Who was the first African American woman in space that served on the crew of the space shuttle endevear?

Doctor Mae Jemison was a Mission Specialist on STS-47 in 1992.