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1.) Smoking cigarettes or marijuana and drinking alcohol will give the secretions a bitter taste.

2.) Eating red meats, asparagus, broccoli, spinach and some vitamins will give secretions a sharp or salty taste. The presence of sperm in the semen will also give the semen a sharper taste.

3.) Dairy products, such as milk and cheese will also give secretions a salty flavor.

4.) Eating only vegetables (except those from the cabbage family, ie: cauliflower, broccoli or asparagus) especially celery will give secretions a more mild flavor. The absence of sperm in the semen will make the taste more mild.

5.) Eating parsley, wheatgrass and celery have a high chlorophyll content which will make secretions sweeter.

6.) Spicing foods with cinnamon, cardamom, peppermint and lemon will also make secretions taste sweeter.

7.) Eating fruit, especially pineapple, papaya, cranberry, melons, mangos, apples and grapes also can sweeten the flavor of secretions. Their high sugar content can also offset the bitter tastes caused by smoking or drinking.

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Q: How the taste of semen can be changed?
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The metallic taste of semen is caused by zinc. Semen is approximately 96 percent water.

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Semen doesn't taste good anyhoo. Pineapple juice tastes better without semen.

Does orange juice improve semen taste?

Not to my knowledge,i have never tasted semen before but im pretty sure its not a lovely taste!

Can I drink dog semen?

Does it taste good

Does having diabetes cause semen to taste differently?

No. Diabetes does not alter the taste of semen. Please see related question.

You enjoy the taste of your own semen is this unhealthy?


What causes semen to have a bitter taste?


Does semen have a flavour?

The taste or flavour of semen can be highly affected by the diet of the male providing it. Alcohol, greasy or fatty foods, spices, etc can make semen taste 'bad' - while fruit juices and sweet things can make it taste 'better', depending on your personal preferences. Pineapple juice is highly recommended to improve the normally bleachy, slightly salty taste of semen, or so I've been told.

Is it fine if you love the taste of your boyfriend's semen?


Does pineapple make sperm taste good?

Certain fruits do make semen taste sweeter

How can your semen taste gross within a day?

I don't think it does taste gross any time.

Does it harm if a man drinks his own Semen?

No,Nothing Its really healthy , Semen is only sugars, Protien, minerals,I suggest to taste and drink our own semen,,,

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The better question is why are you asking this question? Also, why are you consuming dog semen?

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on health terms ABSOLUTLY NOTHING

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If he's gay, maybe...?

Can someone taste semen in some ones vagina?

Yes if it.s there.

Does Dr Pepper make your semen taste bad?

Yes sirskis

What makes her secretions taste good?

A man can change the taste of the semen by controlling his diet but that doesn't work for women. The taste can also change depending on where in the cycle she is.

Can drinking a lot of juice make your semen taste better?

Yes, drinking a lot of juice may improve the taste.

Does pineapple change to taste of semen?

Yes! It is true that such a juice acts as one of the most effective ways of improving the taste of your ejaculate!

Do you taste own semen?

Yes! This is something you really must do.

Why is pickled ginger served with sushi?

It makes your semen taste like oranges.

Does HIV caused when we taste others semen?

It is possible to be infected by HIV in this manner.

Do women like the taste of semen while pregnant?

yes when the dick is in the butt

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