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How thick is the hair on the felt of a tennis ball?

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it matters on the condition of the ball. the ball has thinner hair then a humans hair but the way it is new will put more hair sticking out. wettness does the same. it matters on the condition of the ball. the ball has thinner hair then a humans hair but the way it is new will put more hair sticking out. wettness does the same.

2007-03-09 02:50:21
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Its more of a fuzz then hair. Its so the strings can grip the ball, giving it spin.

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What was the first tennis ball made of?

Rubber balls were still centuries away, so the ball was a wad of hair, wool, or cork wrapped in string and cloth or leather, then in later years, hand-stitched in felt to look something like a modern baseball.

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the fuzzy hair gets frozen than breaks off. But nothing really.

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