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How to Reboot a laptop?

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2010-06-22 12:32:51

1.Determine what operating system it uses. Finding out what

operating system your laptop uses will let you know what key combo

(such as "Ctrl+Alt+Delete") can exit you from usage and trigger a

reboot or shutdown.

2.Try and reboot using the operating system. Attempt to use the

key combination that will allow you to exit from the operating

system and restart the laptop. Be patient, as it may take some time

if it has locked up. 3. Hold down the power button. If the

operating system's answer to the rebooting will not work, find and

hold down the power button of the laptop. This should cause the

device to shut itself off. You'll have to press the power button

again to power it back on, completing the reboot. 4. Unplug from

the wall and remove the battery. If restarting via the operating

system and the power button do not work, unplug the laptop from the

wall outlet, and remove the battery from the laptop. This will

cause it to power off immediately. 5. Allow time to reboot. Give

the laptop time to cool down before you power it back on if you had

to do this manually. A few seconds should do unless you have

additional problems.

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