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1.Determine what operating system it uses. Finding out what operating system your laptop uses will let you know what key combo (such as "Ctrl+Alt+Delete") can exit you from usage and trigger a reboot or shutdown.

2.Try and reboot using the operating system. Attempt to use the key combination that will allow you to exit from the operating system and restart the laptop. Be patient, as it may take some time if it has locked up. 3. Hold down the power button. If the operating system's answer to the rebooting will not work, find and hold down the power button of the laptop. This should cause the device to shut itself off. You'll have to press the power button again to power it back on, completing the reboot. 4. Unplug from the wall and remove the battery. If restarting via the operating system and the power button do not work, unplug the laptop from the wall outlet, and remove the battery from the laptop. This will cause it to power off immediately. 5. Allow time to reboot. Give the laptop time to cool down before you power it back on if you had to do this manually. A few seconds should do unless you have additional problems.

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Q: How to Reboot a laptop?
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How do you reboot your laptop?

To reboot a laptop, it all depends on the company that made it. Different companies have different buttons to press when the laptop is starting up. It is usually one of the numbers from F1-F12.

How do to reboot your laptop?

To reboot your computer press CTRL + ALT + DELETE, then press Shutdown - Restart.

How do you reboot your dell demension e510 with your Lenovo net book?

it dosent depends on ur manufacturer,rather depends on authorization. you can reboot by giving command from ur laptop to the victim laptop by cmd:- shutdown -i it will give u the interface, but for a proper function of reboot command ,u hv to get an authorization from the victim laptop

Which two quick solutions are commonly recommended when a technician is troubleshooting a laptop?

Reboot the laptopDisconnect the peripherals

What to do when laptop wont reboot?

Simply,un plug it from power ;D

How do you reboot your laptop with windows 7 and get it back like when you first got it?

You'd need the restore disk which came with the laptop.

What should you do if your Apple laptop freezes?

Either use 'force quit' or reboot.

What will happen if you reboot the laptop?

System will start again. Its just like restart

How do i reboot my Windows Vista laptop?

get windows live 1 care and fire away

How do you reboot your Dell laptop?

Turn it off and turn it back on or restart it.

How do you reboot a Dell D 620 laptop?

Hold the power button down for 5 seconds.

How do you reboot a frozen mac book pro?

you focus quit it then you turn it on or you take the battery out of it if you have a laptop.

How can a laptop be rebooted in safe mode?

After switching the laptop on, press F8 until the menu page appears. Once the page comes up, you can select the option to reboot the laptop in safe mode.

How do you reboot your laptop to it's original state?

You will need to reformat your hard disk in order to return your computer to its original state.

You want to reboot your Acer laptop because when you log in you get the Acer screen and then it goes black but when you tried to reboot it alt F10 it comes up with erorr or nothing can someone help?

when you reboot it it comes up at first with the aer screen pres f12 then go down one. then press enter... Press next, next next till it comes to a different screen then wait for a minute then it will reboot..

What is the Linux command to reboot?

$su $reboot or $sudo reboot

How do you reboot Acer Aspire 3680 laptop without using a recovery disk?

To reboot a Acer Aspire 3680 laptop without using a recovery disk you should press Alt F10 on startup, if this is done correctly it should say loading Windows Files. If you are still having problems you should seek professional help from a computer technician.

I have connected my Samsung Monte to my laptop 1hr ago and then diconnected it and now my laptop wont find it again even though the USB cable is perfectly inserted in the laptop..What do i do?

it sounds like a drive issue try to check driver maybe bad port did you use same port? simple google search for driver install and reboot with it pluged in may solve the issue make sure to plug in before reboot and leave it in....

How do you clear everything of your laptop?

If you want to clear everything off your laptop or computer you must reboot it, you should know that while the computer "cleans itself up" it will take quite a while until you will be able to use it again.

Why won't your ipod load when you reboot it?

you have to plug it in to your laptop or computer then it will open itunes click on ipod then hold standby and home button then it should work

How do you install recovery cd's on an acer aspire 9500 laptop?

To reimage your Acer Aspire 9500 laptop to factory settings you will need to insert the first recovery CD and reboot your laptop. If the laptop does not boot from the recovery CD, you may need to edit the boot order in the BIOS when the laptop first starts. Once your machine is booting from the recovery CD it will walk you through the restoration process.

How do you reboot Windows 7 on a laptop?

Click the windows logo on the bottom left, click the arrow key next to the shut down button, click restart

I uninstalled sims 3 now my laptop wont recognize the CD Ive tried everything the CD works on other computers just not mine?

Ah this has happen to me before. If you are really dedicated to the game you can reboot your laptop. You would have to save all your files on a USB or Maxtor because when you reboot your laptop it deletes EVERYTHING even you Internet connection so you would have to reconnect you Internet using your code on your wireless. Or just take the game back if you don't want the hassle.

How do you reboot Pandora on an iPhone?

How do I reboot my pandora

How do you reboots laptop?

Hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, click on Shutdown, pick Restart, and wait. If you need to do a cold reboot, do the above, but pick Shutdown. When the machine turns off, remove its battery for 15 seconds, then put it back in and turn on the laptop.