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how do you adjust rear brakes on a 1986 chevy silverado?

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โˆ™ 2009-08-02 19:39:45
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Q: How to adjust Rear brakes on 1986 Chevy Silverado?
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What is the firing order for a 1986 Chevy Silverado?


Does a 1986 Chevy s10 have disc brakes?

Yes, the front has discs brakes on them.

Where is the ignition coil on a 1986 Chevy silverado pickup truck?


What other Chevy hoods are interchangeable with a 1986 silverado?


Wiring diagram on 1986 Chevy Silverado dual fuel tanks?

I need the wiring diagram on a 1986 Chevy silver ado dual fuel tanks

Where is the horn in a 1986 Chevy Silverado?

In front of the radiator. pull off the grill

What is the stock gear ratio in a 1986 Chevy silverado 4x4?

it will probably be 3.73

What is the stock engine in a 1986 Chevy Silverado?

probably a 350 small block

Where is the paint code for a 1986 Chevy Silverado?

In glove box along with options for truck.

What is the estimated gas mileage on a 1986 Chevy Silverado?

18-25 if your not towing anything

How do you change the cam shaft position for 1986 Chevy Silverado?

That year don't have one.

Why wont the 4x4 work on your 1986 Chevy Silverado?

Do you have automatic locking hubs on the front axles?

What is the curb weight 1986 Chevy Silverado 1500 4x4?

Probably around 3800-4200lbs

Does the 1986 Chevy Celebrity have anti-lock brakes?

I find no reference to anti-lock brakes in my factory service manual or other reference works so I assume that they were not available in 1986.

Where can you find a fuse box diagram for a 1986 Chevy Silverado truck?

Auto Zone and Advance Auto

What is the stock block color for a 1986 Chevy silverado 350 big block?

The 350 is the small block, and in 1986 it would be GM corporate blue.

Can you change the power window switch in a 1986 Chevy silverado pickup without removing the door panel?

No you can't.

What are the problems when swapping a turbo 350 for a 700r4 transmission in a 1986 Chevy silverado with a 350 motor?

Cross member

What is the correct timing mark on a 1986 Chevy silverado 350?

the widest one on the timeing chane cover right in the middel of it

What type of transmission fluid does a Chevy silverado use 1986?

If it is an automatic transmission, Dexron III or Mercon are both acceptable.

Why would the brakes be completely locked up in a 1986 Chevy?

possible petroleum contamination or a failed master cyl/abs if applicable

Can you start out driving on 4 wheel drive high in a 1986 Chevy Silverado Blazer?

Yes you can, but don't drive over 50 to 55 MPH

How do you adjust the valves on a 1986 2.8 Chevy Pickup?

There is no adjustment. If they are clacking you have worn valve train parts, replacement is your only option.

Horse power for a 1986 Chevy silverado 305 engine?

Freshly rebuilt with good carburetor at 5000 rpm, 200 horsepower maybe a little more

What is the lug pattern on a 1986 Chevrolet Silverado?

It is a 5" lug pattern. I looked it up on some classic Chevy website. I can't think of the URL for it at this moment though.