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Be firm!!! Once you say you are going to break up, do not listen to his excuses. Do NOT accept him back or he will just keep harrassing you. If you act like you mean it and stick to your guns, he will eventually leave you alone. Do not answer his phone calls. Do not listen to his whining or threats. If he threatens you, either tell someone, an adult if you are not one, or a police officer if he threatens bodily harm. Most women get locked in a cycle, break up...anger... he is nice trying to get you back.. once he gets you back he is nice for awhile and then it starts over again. If you are firm, it usually works, but if he knows he can manipulate you into taking him back then he will. If you wait and be firm he will turn his attentions else where. They thrive on attention, so if you dont give him any, he will eventually tire of the game. BE FIRM! I always tell my girlfriends that women were born with a deep seated intuition. Fear is a good indicator to listen to. Its sounds like to me, that you know he is manipulative and not good for you. The trick is waiting out his game so that he can turn his attentions else where.

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2008-09-24 21:08:09
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Q: How to breakup with my angry manipulative boyfriend?
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