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How to change a flat tire on a 2002 525 series?

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Lift the car, remove the hub, loosen and remove the nuts, remove the flat tire. Put on the new tire, replace and tighten the nuts, replace the hub and lower the car.

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What is the correct puntuation for professor is running late she had to change a flat tire?

It should be --- The professor is running late; she had to change a flat tire.

How do you change a flat tire on a Taurus?

To change a flat tire you need a jack, tire iron and a new tire. Jack the car up and remove the bolts, you can then slide the old tire off and replace it with the new one.

How do you change the tire on a 2002 Chevy Impala?

See Changing a Flat Tire, under Section 5: Problems on the Road, on page 5-23 of your "Owner's Manual"

If you have a flat tire and a spare no jack or wrench how do you change the flat?

you can't

How do you change a flat tire from a Mercedes?

To change a flat tire on a Mercedes you will need a lug wrench, spare tire, and car jack. Place the jack under the car and remove the lugs.

How you change a flat tire on a Ford Taurus wagon?

You can change a flat tire on a Ford Taurus Wagon by first removing the lug nuts, pulling it off, and replacing with the spare tire.

Your 2002 BMW 325i has a flat tire you have tried to remove the tire but it is stuck How do you remove the tire?

WD40 and a few kicks.

How did ORGO change the flat tire on a 747?

He high jacked it

What is a lug wrench?

it is the wrench that removes the nuts on your tire rim when you change a flat tire. It is a specific size for each brand of vehicle, so make sure you have the one that you will need on a dark rainy night ti change that flat tire.

What is the purpose of a jack in lifting a car by it?

This enables a flat tire change with a spare tire en route.

How do you change a flat tire of a Corvette?

Very fastly, if the car is still moving. :-)

How do you change a tire on a 1997 Jeep Laredo?

Are you really prepared for the next time you get a flat tire on the highway? If not read on ....... This page was made for information purposes to educate the public on how to properly and safely change a tire. It serves as a guide for changing a vehicle's tire when a flat occurs. Every time you drive your vehicle, there

If your tires are slashed is it possible to change them yourself like you would a flat tire or do you need a mechanic?

Depends; Are You Going To Just Remove The Tire From The Vehicle Or Remove The Tire From The Wheel. If Just Removing The Tire From The Vehicle Yes Do This As You Would Change A Flat. To Replace The Tire Or Tires. You Will Need To Remove The Tire Or Tires & Have New Tires Installed At A Tire Shop. Sears, Wal-Mart, Ect. Good Luck

Change Volvo S40 spare tire?

put car in park. loosen lug nuts on flat tire. jack car up just high enough to remove flat tire. remove lug nuts. remove flat tire. replace with new tire. put lug nuts back on and tighten. lower jack. drive away

Will a tire with a flat spot recover?

No, once it has a flat spot it will always have a flat spot. Replace the tire.

What items are needed to change a flat tire?

You need a jack and a wheel brace (wrench)

What is the analogy for jack flat tire hammer?

jack flat tire hammer

What weighs more a flat or full tire?

A full tire is heavier than a flat tire. When a they are both flat they weigh the same but added air makes the full tire heavier.

What are the release dates for So Little Time - 2001 The Flat Tire 1-20?

So Little Time - 2001 The Flat Tire 1-20 was released on: USA: 9 February 2002

How to Change tire 2002 explorer?

how do you remove all lug nuts from a ford 2002 xlt explorer

What did you do when you discovered you had a flat tire?

The first thing to do is pull over immediately in a safe place if you are driving. You should then get out your car jack and spare tire and change the flat. It's always good to keep a can of Fix A Flat with you also for quick fixes.

How do you do a tire repair on a flat tire?

To repair a flat tire you first need to remove the tire from the rim. Once removed inspect the tire for the damager and repair the puncture.

How does one change a flat tire?

Firstly, you must pull up to a safe spot, well away from traffic. You need to retrieve certain tools to be able to change a flat tire. The first step is to loosen the lug nuts, after you must jack up the vehicle (lift it up) this will enable you to remove the flat tire and then you must put the spare tire on making sure it is secure. Lastly, you must lower the vehicle.

How do you change a flat tire on a 1998 Chevy cavalier?

OK I HAVE A bolt in the center where is the tool to remove it

What can happen with a flat tire?

A flat tire can lead to reduced tread wear and sometimes blowouts.