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It depends on what year your ML is.But if is has 3 separate knobs, (for the a/c control)and not "wheels" then the knobs just pull staight off,and the bulb is behind the knob. I think that just thecenter knob has a bulb behind it, but not sure?

Instrument cluster bulbs are a little need to removed all the plasitc covers around the instrumentcluster, lower ones just pop off with a plastic wedge, then theblack cover that goes all the way around the i.c. has 2 tabs at thebottom. You need to pull the tabs outward and slide down to releasethe tabs.

then the i.c. has 2 8mm bolts on the bottom side and 2 phillipsscrews on the top side.

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Q: How to change light bulb on air conditioning panel and speedometer?
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How do you change the speedometer bulbs on an 87 GMC sierra?

You will need to remove the instrument panel cover. Remove the retaining screws from the speedometer. The lightbulb will be on the back of the speedometer.

How do you change the light bulb in the AC panel of a 2001 VW Golf?

There is no light bulb in that can be changed, you have to change the entire panel. Only the agents carry the panel.

How do you replace speedometer on 95 sentra?

Speedometer is an integrated part of the instrument panel. If you have problems with the speedometer, check first the peed sensor. My 96 Sentra have problems with the speedometer. I replaced the speed sensor and instrument panel and still the dial stops intermittently, this turns-on the check engine light. For me, the next step is to check the wiring.

What would cause a 1991 Mazda Protege to have a blinking hold light and a non-functional speedometer?

The speedometer cable (which runs from the transmission to the dashboard) has snapped. This is a two-piece cable, and the one-piece cable in later Proteges will not work. I had the transmission replaced, and the cable could never be fit in properly. This is a mechanical speedometer, so you would have to change the entire speedometer part of the instrument panel to use a magnetic/electronic speedometer.

How do you change the bulbs in the instrument panel on a 1998 wrangler?

How do you change the light bulbs in the instrument panel in 1998 Toyota corolla

How do you access the speedometer light panel of a 90 Honda Civic DX?

pull entire cluster out..its behind the circuit board of odometer

How can you change light heat and ac control panel you 35?

infinity i35 how can cange light head and AC control panel

How do you change the clock on a 2004 Volkswagen Passat?

To the right of the speedometer is a knob protruding from the panel, turn left for hours and right for minutes

Replace Corvette speedometer?

Remove the dash panel cover. Remove the speedometer retaining ring. Remove the cable from the back of the speedometer. Reverse the process to install the new speedometer.

Change bulb on a Kawasaki z750s instrument panel?

i try to change bulb on a kawasaki 750s instrument panel ,what type of light i use?

Where is turn signal flasher at on a 1988 vw fox?

If you are talking about where the light is when you flip the arm to turn it on, its in the instrument panel along with the speedometer on left side

What is full form of accp panel?

ACCP means Air Conditioning Control Panel.

Where is a instrument panel in a 2006 corolla?

sitting in the drivers seat where you see your speedometer that area is your instrument panel

How do you change the lights in the dashboard of a 98 Toyota Corolla The center light is out the light in the air conditioning control is also out as well as one in your gear shift?

I know that the light for the air conditioner/heater controls is one bulb. Remove the two screws on the bottom that hold the front panel, remove the finger slides from their control arms, and "un snap" the panel. You may have to unseat the center air conditioner ducts from the panel. There will be a long clear light defuser that looks like a prizim. remove it by prying one end out and behind it there is the light bulb. Wholaa!

How do you change instrument panel light bulbs on a 2001 ford windstar?

we can change it through decreasing its value.

How do you change instrument panel light on 2004 Chevy Venture?

With a soldering iron?

Where is dodge neon speedometer located?

The speedometer is located on the instrument panel directly behind the steering wheel and is typically located in the center.

Does light transfer energy?

Light IS a form of energy. It can change into electrical energy, say, if it strikes a solar panel.

Where is the instrument panel on a Ford Explorer?

Above the steering wheel. Most people can identify the instrument panel by the speedometer in the middle.

How do you fix the speedometer for a dodge neon?

Depends on what's wrong with the speedometer. Try re-soldering the contacts on the mainboard behind the instrument panel.

How do you change the instrument panel back light Galant?

err try anotha site!

How do you change the rear right brake light bulb on a Mitsubishi eclipse 2001?

If you want to change the light you have to remove the right rear internal panel (located in the trunk). Only after removing the panel you will gain access to the light. Then it's just matter of removing nuts replacing the light and putting everything together.

How do you change the speedometer cable in a German 1989 190e Mercedes?

Find the speedometer cable at the rear of the transmission and unscrew the collar. Use a screwdriver the pry the cable loose. Leave the cable hanging. Go to the Dashboard and gently pry out your instrument panel. This will take some time, be patient. When you get it out unscrew the speedometer cable from the rear of the instrument panel and pull the cable all the way out toward you. put in the new cable inserting it through the firewall and hook it up to the instrument panel. Put your instrument panel back in. Go under the car and hook it up back up to the transmission. That it!

Which fuse controls the speedometer on C220 Mercedes?

# controls the instrument panel....speedometer could be a seperste issue involving the speed sensor in the differential.

How do you change the speedometer from kilometers to miles in a Chrysler pacifica?

There is a button on the dashboard,, just right of the instrument panel, it says us/met. Depress that button and everything turns to opposite of what it was.