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open the drop-down plastic door in the header unit used for storing glasses/garage door openers. You will see one Phillips screw - remove it. now, you need to pull downward and backward on the header unit towards the rear of the van - so hard you may think you are going to break it. eventually the two spring clips on the left and right sides will let go and the whole light header unit will come loose except for two electrical harnesses. remove the two electrical harness connectors by pushing in on one side of the connector. then you will have the whole unit loose in your hands and you will see how to rotate out the bulb.

the label on the base of my bulb reads M1.PC579 which looks like a Wagner part number.


An easier method is to pry the lens off from the forward end, which you have to do anyway if you take the console out of the van. Using a putty knife or other thin, wide tool, gently pry the front corner (near the rearview mirror) of the lens downward. The lens will pop out.

To change the bulb, twist out the bulb base from the lamp fixture. The base gets re-used with the new bulb. Use needle-nose pliers to pull the tiny wires from the notches in the bulb base, then pull the bulb out of the base. You will have to bend the wires on your new bulb until they point straight out from the bulb, then push it into the base. Bend the wires into the notches in the base using the needle-nose pliers. Put the bulb & base back into the fixture.

To replace the lens, first insert the rear part, which has a projection about 1/2" long, into the console between the console trim and the push-button switch. Then just snap the hinge back in place.

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Q: How to change the map light bulb on a 2006 Grand Caravan?
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