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I am also finding you can use this: System.out.println("\033");

I have checked it in Eclipse. Please check it in any other compiler/ IDE.

Sorry Doesn't work with my Java 6

Output -


/033 : Your slash is the wrong way around ("\033", not "/033").

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โˆ™ 2010-10-14 20:40:38
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Q: How to clear dos screen in JAVA?
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There is nothing called DOS applet.. You can run Java applet from DOS..

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If you're working straight from the command line, then there's really no normal way to do this. The easiest way is to know how big the displayable window is and simply print out newlines until the whole window is "clear."

How do you clear screen in java eclipse?

There is no way to clear the screen inJAVA. It seems that you are a beginner in Javaand just migrated from age old Turbo C.The reason because there is no clear screen is that you will never need it when you develop actual Javaprograms. Have you ever seen an application that clears it screen (apart from DOS based applications).When you develop an application for a client, you do not expect him/her to go through your clumsy console. The console is available only for debugging purposes or for learning the language. When you deploy your application, you always have an interface associated with it (like your own internet browser or any other window).So stop worrying about clearing the screen.Of course, you can still manually clear the screen of text by printing out enough blank lines to run all other text out of the terminal window.Most console windows will start of with about 25 lines of text, so something like the following should do what you want in most cases:for(int i = 0; i < 40; ++i) {System.out.println();}

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In Java Garbage Collection is present. Garbage collector job is to clear the space which is not in use.

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You have to just write there exit keyword.And if you have maxize screen of dos then u have to press alt+enter. Pooja

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This may be because you have not either installed your java properly or you haven't set the PATH of your java properly or just simply your java is out of date and needs updating.

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Add the JDK bin directory to your path, then:javac yourfile.javajava yourfile

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Maybe you don't have Java.

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its a stick with a clear circle

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any where just type in google

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A DOS command that displays the contents of a .txt file on your screen.