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To determine the stability of an ion compound in water: look up the product solubility constant (Ksp) for the compound to be dissolved; write the chemical equation and modify the Ksp equation.

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Is water hydrogen gas oxygen gas or chloride ion an example of a compound?

Water is a compound. Hydrogen and oxygen agreements and the chloride ion, being an ion, is not a substance in its own right.

Is water is a type of ion?

Water is a chemical compound - H2O.

What is a hydronium ion?

Hydronium ion is a water molecule with an extra hydrogen ion attached to it. ( H2O + H+ → H3O+). It usually used to determine the acidity of a chemical compound.When a compound is put into water solution, the more the hydronium ion is produced, the higher the acidity is.EX: HCl(aq) + H2O(l) Cl- + H3O+The Hydrogen ion is transferred to water molecule.A hydronium ion can also be represented as just a hydrogen ion (H+) in place of H3O+.HCl(aq) → H+(aq) + Cl-(aq)

Is sugar an ion?

No No, sugar is not an ion. In fact, it doesnt even dissociate in water. It is a compound.

The charge on a chloride ion in AlCl3 is?

Chloride ion in AlCl3 has a charge of -1. The compound AlCl3 is aluminum chloride, which is an inorganic compound that can react with water.

What is the first step in naming an ionic compound?

give the positive charge a name determine the name of the negative ion

How do scientists differentiate between acids and bases?

An acid is any chemical compound which when dissolved in water tends to release the H+ ion, and a base is any chemical compound which when dissolved in water tends to release the OH- ion.

Compound that dissolves in water to give hydrogens ions as the only positive ions are what?

The Arrhenius acids give proton or hydrogen ion or hydronium ion in water.

Polyatomic ion vs. covalent compound?

A polyatomic ion is similar to a covalent compound in as much as the atoms in the polyatomic ion are covalently bound, and it is a compound, but it has a charge. Hence it is an ION.

What is the polyatomic ion for the compound KMnO4?

MnO4 in this compound is a polyatomic ion. MnO4-1 refers to the ion- permanganate.

How many atoms of oxygen are in the compound water?

There is only one oxygen ion in a molecule of water H20

What is the Reaction of an ion with water called?

Dissolve, solution An ionic compound, when dissolved in water, conducts electricity.

Does H2O represent an ion found in a glass of water?

No. H2O is the chemical formula for the molecular compound water.

What is the formula for barium ion and hydroxide ion?

Barium ion = Ba2+ Hydroxide ion = OH- The compound they make is Barium hydroxide = Ba(OH)2which is a precipitate insoluble in water.

What is the chemical compound name for IO-?

IO- is an ion, not a compound. it is called the hypoiodite ion.

What is the correct formula for a lithium ion and bromine ion compound?

Lithium ion is Li+ and a bromine ion (called a bromide ion) is Br- and the compound formed from them would be LiBr.

Why are ionic compounds soluble in water?

Ionic compounds are soluble in water because it a very polar compound. Ionic compounds are also very polar and thus very soluble. The water solvates each ion in the ionic compound. The negative ion of the ionic compound will be surrounded by water molecules with the hydrogen atoms closest. The positive ion of the ionic compound will be surrounded by water molecules with the oxygen atoms closest.Ionic compounds dissolve in the presence of water because the positive components of the compound are attracted to the negative charges. Then the negative charges of the compound are attracted to the positive charges of the water on the other hand. When this happens, the ionic bonds of the compound break as a result of the interaction between the water and the salt crystals. As the ions of the salt bind with the hydrogen and oxygen components of the water, each ion is surrounded by it creating a shell of polar water molecules with the broken ions from the salt in the middle.

How do you find the negative ion of an compound?

The negative ion is written second in the formula for an ionic compound.

Is Br2 an ion?

No it is not an ion. It is a molecule.

Is chloride ion a compound?

No, the chloride ion is a single elemental ion, Cl-.

What is substance that dissolve in water?

A substence and compound which is contain hydrogen bonding and polar in nature that are dissolve in water in a foam of ion

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