How to do Chromatographic technique to study root stem transition?

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we can do this technique by a proper method.first we have to take the cut part of a root stem n then grind it by machine n then spread this solution on chromatographic paper ......when the paper becomes dry we can see the transition of different colours...
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Can you root sedum plant from the stem?

Yes, it is the best way to propagate them, and I have grown many this way. They take root very easily, just place in soil, sand or potting mix. Some varieties can also be multiplied by dividing the roots.

Ginger is a stem or root?

Ginger is a modified stem. A rhizome to be exact. Its function is reproduction. Rhizomes usually grow underground, vertically, or horizontally. Exceptions to this description however is a clover or mint. I'm actually studying it now and was confused at first too lol.

Potato is a stem or root?

Potatoes are considered stems and not roots, because they are thepart of the stem of the plant that grows underground, it's the partof the stem that thickens and accumulate starch.

Roots and stems?

the diffrence is that one is above the ground and the other on top. They also have different purpasis.

Is onion a root or stem?

The edible part of the onion is composed mainly of root. There is asmall portion of stem in the edible part.

Does grass have roots stems or leaves?

Grass has all of the above. However, the stems of grasses are so small they're almost microscopic, which makes grass seem like it's just leaves and roots.

What is the root word of transition is it transit or sit?

the word transition comes from two words. "transfer" and "position". Example: Today is the transition of his position to become the president of the Philippines. Meaning to say, he change or adjust. i hope it works! Godbless!

Garlic is a stem or a root?

garlic is a specialized growth bud, it is neither root or stem.. It qrows underground and when you plant one piece of the garlic, it will grow into a new one

Do mosses have roots stems or leaves?

Mosses do not have any of those three structures for that would mean it would be a vascular plant. A moss does contain rhizoids which are root-like structures, but roots are defined as having xylem and phloem, which mosses certainly do not have.

Storage tissue in roots and stems?

Explants from stem, leaf, and storage root tissue of sweet potato ( Ipomoea batatas L.) cv. Jewel, were placed on media conaining 0.1, 1.0, and 10 mg/1NAA with 0.1, 1.0, or 10 mg/1BA in a factorial experiment. Some callus formed in every treatment, but the best callus growth was on media containing ( Full Answer )

Is artichoke a flower stem or root?

Actually, a artichoke is a flower bud. The cores of the artichoke stems, which taste like the artichoke heart, are edible if you take off the outside part first.

What are Underground stems roots?

Roota are a part of the root system. They anchor the plant and absorb minerals and water. There are two types of roots Tap roots(fat) , fibrous roots(thin). There is 1 big root called a Dicot root. They are covered in an epidermis, thin layer of skin and have root hairs that aid in the absorption of ( Full Answer )

What is the function of roots stems and leaves?

Here are the following functions of the root, stem, and leaf. Root- It stores food, absorbs water & nutrients, and anchors the plant to the ground. Stem- Supports plant, transports nutrients, and storage of food/nutrients. Leaf- Contains chloroplast (filled with chlorophyll) and it's where ph ( Full Answer )

Do mosses have stems leaves or roots?

Mosses do not have any of those three structures for that would mean it would be a vascular plant. A moss does contain rhizoids which are root-like structures, but roots are defined as having xylem and phloem, which mosses certainly do not have.

Why potato is a stem and not root?

Whoever said that a potato is a root just because it is below ground was making that up and doesn't know what they are talking about. A potato is just a thickened stem that is underground. As to why it is a root, does anyone care to elaborate? Please only answer if you actually know.

What is a root stem?

The root system is a an organ of plant which is usually found below the goround

Is Turmeric stem or root?

Tumeric is a root that is dried, powdered and used as a spice in Indian cooking. It can also be used in root form in a grinder.

Is long bean a root or stem?

The root systems of beans are very shallow. It is not uncommon for them to be just a few inches long.

What is the differences between stem and root?

The main differences between root and stem are: . Roots develop from the radicle of embryo but stem develops from its plumule and epicotyl of embryo. . The root is descending axis of plant whereas stem is ascending axis of the plant. . Roots are non green and non photosynthetic except few aqua ( Full Answer )

Is a mushroom a stem or a root?

a mushroom is a stem Mushroom is neither stem nor root. It is a fructification of afungus mycelium.

Is a root word a transition word?

no because a root word is a form of a word after all affixes and a transition word is a word that connects 2 thoughts

Does algae have roots and stems?

Algae have neither. Species of multicellular algae grow a body called a "thallus." A thallus may be simply a long string of cells, a bush-like or a feather-like structure, or a superficially plant-like structure, like those seen in kelp. The stem-like portions of a thallus (in those algae species ( Full Answer )

Is celary a leaf or stem or root?

Leaves of celary plant are used as an spice. how is that a answer stem cause root is down leaves are up the part to eat in the middle

Is celery a leaf stem or root?

No, celery has leaves but the celery is not a leaf. if the leaves are up and the root is down whats leftover

What function does the stem have in common with the root?

Well, if not seeking scientifically then well, they both grow. They also both have systems that carry nutrients. They need each other to keep the plant alive and the last one I have is they both make the plant steady

What is the difference between stem and root?

The stem of a plant or flower is the green straw-like stem underthe actual flower. There may be leaves sticking out of the stem.The roots are underground and need to suck the water out of thesoil. The stem in plants support leaves and have conjoint and concentricvascular bundles whereas the roots m ( Full Answer )

How do you distinguish that rhizomes are stem and not root?

rhizome is a characteristically horizontal stem of a plant that is usually found underground, often sending out roots and shoots from its nodes while root is a part of a plant body that bears no leaves, and therefore also lacks nodes

Is a stem the same as a root?

No. A stem is the stalk that is above ground, or the part between the fruit and the plant, where the root is the part underground.

How does water get from a plant's roots to its stem?

The root must take the water up to the leaf so that the leaf can do photosynthesis, which means make food for the plant. In order to do this, the root has veins that go directly to the leaves, which we can see as thin lines on the the leaves. There are two types of veins: xylem and phloem. The xylem ( Full Answer )

What is the function of roots of a stem?

The function is to soak in and absorb all the water and pass it along to all the leaves so they can mix the water and light from the sun and produce food for the whole plant. This is called photosynthesis.

Is chilly a root or stem?

Like tomatoes, potatoes and tobacco, chillies are members of thenightshade family and come in in many shapes and sizes . They areseed carying fruitsfruits There are three groups of chilli: Habanero-type chillies: Habaneros can range in heat from very mildto mega-hot. Vegetable-type chillies: These ( Full Answer )

Is ginger a food from roots or stems?

Ginger, as a spice or whole, is a root. That root is able to sprout after being harvested, making whole raw ginger a good investment in my opinion.

What is the meaning of the root stem bell?

If you mean "bell" as in bellicose, or belligerent, it comes from the Latin "bellum", which means "war". Ante-bellum means pre-war, or before the war.

What are the differences between the root and the stem?

1. Stems have nodes and internodes but roots do not. 2. Leaves come out from the stems not from roots. 3. In the root the primary vascular bundles are radial (i. e. xylem & phloem present on different radius); in stems V. B. are always conjoint and collateral.

How are roots and stem different?

Sructurally roots have radial primary vascular bundles and stem has conjoint and collateral vascular bundles.

How are roots stems and leaves connected?

They are all connected because the roots bring in water, the stem carries the water to the flower and leaves, and the leaves bring in CO 2 + O 2 . They all help the plant reproduce, and this is important because without roots, stems, and leaves, the plant couldn't reproduce.

What are the stems roots and leaves job?

Stems support the leaves, flowers and fruits.Roots absorb water and minerals and keep the plant seated at a place.Leaves perform photosynthesis and transpiration etc.

What are the uses of the root stem and bark?

Some uses are baskets or other types of utilities. If you want to be a little more creative you can look up the Navajo Indians they used tree bark and roots to make many things they needed to survive.

Is studies transitive or in transitive?

The verb "study" and its third person singular form "studies" are both transitive ; some object of the verb specifying what is to be studied is required for a complete clause containing this verb.

Is apple a stem or root or flower?

The apple that we eat is the fruit of the apple tree. The apple that we e at is neither a stem, a root, nor a flower.