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This link will tell you.

DMV.ORG - The Unofficial Guide to the DMV

There is another cheaper alternative that doesnt require a physical lot, or building. Very smart program designed for those who want to go to the auctions, but be able to work from home. Start up is $1100. Please feel free to call Adam (312)735-0327 or visit our website

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Q: How to get a car dealer license in Florida?
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What do you need to do to obtain an independent dealer License in Florida?

What do you need to do to obtain a Independent dealer License in Florida?

How do you find out if a car dealer is licensed to sell vehicles in Florida?

ask them to see their actual license.

How you can obtain dealers license in Florida?

You will need to contact the state, but first you will need a Used Car Dealer Bond or New Car Dealer Bond. It depends on what type auto dealer you are.

How do you get a car dealer and broker license in new york?

How do you get a car dealer and broker license in pa?

Can a dealer sell a car to someone in California with an expired drivers license?

Yes, a dealer can sell a car to someone with an expired license. A dealer can sell a car to someone who doesn't have a license at all.

How do you get car dealer's licenses in Florida?

I plan to open a used car dealer in kissimmee, florida, but I have not my car dealer license, i need to know the form i need to fill out to obtain my lisence before i continue to persut this ambition of mine, thnks, Omar

You do not have a license can you buy a car?

You do not have to have a license to buy a car if the dealer approves. Some car dealerships prefer the buyer to have a license.

How do you get a car dealer license in Philadelphia Pennsylvania?

How to get a car dealer lisence in philadelphia pa

How do you get your car dealers license in Minnesota?

How can I get dealer license in Toronto?

Do you need a Florida car inspection to get Florida license plate?

No. There is no Florida car inspection.

What car dealer license will get you into a dealer auction?

From my point of view I think no!!

Will a car dealer sell me a car if i have no license?

Yes. It doesn't matter to a car seller if you have a license or not. But they will give you an advice to get a license for security reasons.

How do you get a used car dealers license in SC?

What is the prosidure to obtain a used car dealer license in s.c.

Does a car dealer need a license to sell a car on time?


I have a car dealer license in Kansas. Do I need a separate used boat dealer license?

Contact your local DMV for your answer.

In order to get a car auction license you have to be a car dealer?

Not necessarily. As long as you own a car you can get a car auction license right away.

How do you get a wholesale car dealer license in Vermont?

Vermont have just used or new car dealer nothing more.

Can a dealer sell you a car if you dont have a license?

hell no

How much a car dealer license in Baltimore?


Do you have to pay taxes on a car that you buy from a dealer but dont license it from the dealer?

Yes, that is included in the final cost of the car. Registration is paid to the state and any fees that goes with it. So, you don't pay the license to the dealer, but the state.

Can you buy a car in Florida with a suspended license?

Yes, but you have to buy it straight out and you can't drive it on the road! Buying a car on credit, you need a valid Driver License in order to get Insurance. A car dealer wont release a car on credit without proof of insurance and Insurance companies won't give you coverage unless you have a valid Driver License.

Can a felon get used car dealer license in New Mexico?


How much is the cost for a used car dealer license?


Can you buy a vehicle in state of texas with a revoked drivers license from a dealer?

Yes, you can buy a car from a dealer without a driver's license. But, you will not be able to test drive the car before you buy it.

Can a car dealer sell you a car if you do not have a license?

Yes. Car dealers don't mind selling their cars to everyone even if their customers have no license at all.