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You get frigasaurus in the BB base defeat the 3 Snivels after you beat the game.
You get ignosaurus after you defeat Saurhead 3 times after you beat the game.
You get Duna and Raptin after you get first 100 vivosaurs in the park.

You can also get Gunhash's three brains by using the time machine Dr.Diggins makes.It takes you to the part where you battle him.Win it,then it says "Gunhash's three brains have been added to your VMM.

I beat the game.....
Good Luck!

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Were is the brachio fossil in fossil fighter?

You need to battle a guy and when you kill him you get the fossil.

Where is the triceara fossil on fossil fighter?

It should be in Coldfeet Glaciar

Is the Pokemon Omanyte a legendary Pokemon?

No. Omanyte is a fossil Pokemon. Fossil Pokemon can't be found in the wild, but have to be brought back through a fossil and then you can breed them after that, but it isn't a legendary.

Is there a new fossil fighter game coming out?

Yes, there is fossil fighters champion's.

How do you get deinonychus in fossil fighter?

Knotwood Forest

Who is trio in fossil fighter?

rj toillia mayfish

What are the legendary vivosaurs in fossil fighters?

ignosauras and frigisauras

How do you become a level 5 fossil fighter in ds?

How do you become a level five foissil fighter on the Ds

Where do you get the Guan fossil in fossil fighter champions?

at dusty dunes you need the red mask and a fully upgraded sonar and fossil case.

Who is colt toombs?

He is the son of legendary fighter Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Fossil fighter how to get titanic?

Im not sure but I will keep an eye out for it.

Where can you play fossil fighter online without download?

you can't

Who is the mysterious girl in fossil fighter?

The mysterious girl is Duna

Where can you get krona fosils in fossil fighter champions?

bootsup bay

What is the legendary fossil in fossil fighters champions?

there are actuly 5 of them ignosourus and frigisourus and dynal duna and raptin!!

How do you save in fossil fighter?

You press start to save in fossil fighters. It even says how to save in your Instruction booklet

Fossil fighter how to get paki?

look hard he's in coldfeet glacier

How do you get the snowberries on fossil fighter?

Go to the shop it cost 10,000 snowberries

Is the fossil fighter game only for DSi?

It is for all DS Systems.

How do you beat the master fighter fossil fighters Yahoo Answers?

you beat him ;)

How do you get fossil fighter spinax legs?

Dig them up at Greenhorn plains

Where can you get chelon in Fossil Fighters?

The Chelon in Fossil Fighter is only available after you beat the game for the first time. This unlocks the secret tunnels where the Chelon fossil can be found.

Where is venators legs in fossil fighters?

Where are venator legs in fossil fightAt kentwood Forest. How do you get fossil fighter spinax legs? Dig them up at Greenhorn plains.

How do you get arms and legs in fossil fighter?

You need to get a fossil chip at the guild place. 1 is for 10,000 and the final upgrade is for i think 35000

Where do you find mapo king in fossil fighter champions?

first you get mapo then you give him a miraculous fossil(the gold one)then you have a mapo king