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How to get money from your boyfriend?

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Ask him for it, and tell him why you need it.

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When a boyfriend gives money to a girlfriend it is called a gift. If he wants the money returned it is a loan.

no it doesn't you will still get your money

If your boyfriend is stealing money from you, he is taking advatage of you. Now if your letting him borrow money that's a different story. But if he's stealing it leave him.

give me your money old grandpa

No, never give money to a boyfriend. That's a dependent relationship. What kind of creep takes money from a girlfriend anyway. If this guy needs money from a girlfriend, he's not ready for a relationship. Find someone who is ready.

It means that someone is rich.For example,I just found out that bella's boyfriend has money to burn.

why do that. so basiclaly ur using him for his money cuz ur sorry but is broke :[

Break up with him, but in a tactful way. it also depends on how much money he's taken from you.

yes she dose because she sing and rap and her prants got money and her boyfriend lilwezzy got money so thaks

It Depends what the girl friends personality is.... First... Usually a boy finds his girlfriend really hot and really loves her. The Girl would ask for a lot of money, until she is satisfied. Then Brakes up. Secondly.... If the girlfriend needs money she will marry the boyfriend then run off with the money. Ending up as an divorce. Last... The Girl Friend would ask her boyfriend to pay her bills. Then she's satisfied. If none of them happen. Then the girlfriend does really love her boyfriend.

at a certain point of the relationship, your allowed to ask for money. but never too much!

Just confront him.He will understand if it is a valid reason.

Bake him a cake and make him a homemade card.

kiss him on the cheek and ask if he says no then find a way to trick him

You can get money by playing games, duel people for money, have a boyfriend, get a job or give your credit card number to cash in points online.

What does he like? I don't have much money, but boy if I did, I'd buy him something real special....but I don't know your boyfriend....

You can let him handle your money or you can go to a financial seminar. If you have other ideas, use them too.

I guess she tries to collect from the drunk's insurance or sues the drunk and or the boyfriend. If the drunk has no insurance or money, or the boyfriend has no money I think you have your answer. If she has her own medical insurance, she could probably use that.

Verbal agreements are only understood by those who arranged the agreement, so theoretically the other party (the boyfriend) can lie about the arrangement, stating that the money was a gift. I wouldn't suggest loaning money to anyone unless there is a written agreement or if you are willing to accept the possibility that the money you lent might never be returned. Depending on the amount of money you loaned (I'm assuming under $10,000 which is tax free in the US), it may or may not be a cost effective way to getting your money back. The worst possibly scenario is that you will waste money by pursuing a lawsuit and never get your money back from the boyfriend. If you still plan to file a lawsuit, it will probably be helpful to provide your attorney with information about what the boyfriend used the money for. Here is a site that might be of value: You could always threaten the boyfriend that you will confront his wife about the loan and the affair if he refuses to sit down with a mediator.

he will try and take advantage of you(money.. sex.. friends ect)

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