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How to get past level four boss in Kirby nightmare in dreamland?

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September 10, 2008 2:52PM

you mean the Eyeball guy boss? yeah he`s easy its just that you probably have a sucky strategy lets start by using the starport (thats the door with a star above it near the boss or next door its also called Warp Star) to go to butter building (level 3) by flying to the star under level 3 then exit when you touched the star (if you dont know what the heck is the starport then just go to level 3 butter building and if you dont have the star then just go to butter building) when you are at butter building go to the butter building museum then suck in the hi jump guy and swallow him to get the high jump ability (jeez Saint Louis! so many words for one power!) then go to the level 4 boss click b to fly with hi jump (click b while flying to stop early) keep flying up to the higher different floors so he cant keep up with you then when he zooms up all of a sudden finnaly you are at the Arena (because he is wide it`s easy to hit him with hi jump) keep pummeling him and eventually he will die then you win and you can go to yogurt yard you keep fighting you battle the last boss you beat him and then there is a happily ever after The End if you need more info with other games I`ll see what i can do about it my username is GameKid and if you scroll down a bit then you will find my username in blue or purple click on it to be sent to my biopage and then go to my message board and post I`m always free so you can ask if you like