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clean well, use baking soda, then seal in what's left with new urethane

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Q: How to get pee odor out of wood floor?
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How do you remove pet urine odor from hardwood floor?

Hard wood floor cleaner then spray on floor then wipe uo

How do you remove urine odor from hardwood floors?

Hard wood floor cleaner then spray on floor then wipe uo

How can you get rid of the odor of cat wee from your laminate wood floor?

I found the best products can be bought from the vets - hope this helps

Cleaning hard wood floors?

Try vinegar to clean hard wood floors. Vinegar has this substance that can remove stains, bacteria, and most especially bad odor. At first, you will smell the vinegar in the floor. But after an hour, all odor will be removed.

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