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Maybe the information for a 1998 Sable/Taurus in the "Related Question" below will help with your 1994.

Should be very similar

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Q: How to install a power antenna on 1994 Ford Taurus?
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Does a 1994 Toyota Celica have a power antenna?

My 1994 Toyota Celica has a power antenna.

How do you remove the power antenna mast from a 94 Mercury Grand Marquis?

Begin by removing the wiring harness from your 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis power antenna. Remove the power antenna retaining nuts. The power antenna will come off.

What type of antenna is stock on a 1994 Buick park avenue ultra?

power antenna, you can buy them from gm dealers for about $120

How do you replace a 1994 Honda Prelude antenna?

You would need to get a tool to remove the notched chrome piece that holds the antenna mast, or carefully use pliers to unscrew it out. After you remove that, the antenna itself is held by a 10mm bolt. to get to it you'll need to open up the trunk lining near the antenna location and remove that bolt. Then, pull the antenna far enough to disconnect the antenna wire and power. Assuming the antenna motor is still functional, you can then replace the antenna mast with a new one. Or, you can install an aftermarket rubber antenna.

Replace the power antenna on your 1994 sable wagon?

the power antenna is located on right front. I jacked my car, and removed the right front wheel. Then there are some small screws which are keep the inner fender plastic. unscrew them. You can reach with your hand the power antenna. Unplug the power wire, and the antenna wire, and unscrew those small (8mm) screws which are holding the antenna in its bracket.

How do you replace a radio antenna on a 1994 C220 Mercedes Benz?

To replace a radio antenna on a 1994 C220 Mercedes Benz you first need to unscrew the old antenna. Next, insert the new antenna and screw into place.

How do you replace the power antenna on a 1994 Lexus ES 300?

You might want to try this site, it helped me.

How do you install an audio deck and remove the original radio in a 1994 Buick century?

Remove the 1994 be a week Century radio decorative cover. Remove the radio retaining screws. Pull the radio out. Remove the wiring harness and the antenna cable from the back of the radio. Reverse the process to install the new radio.

You have 1994 Ford Taurus with power windows none of the passenger windows work whats wrong?

mine does the same thing. no clue!

Where is fuse located that handles 1994 jeep grand Cherokee power antenna?

That would be in the interior fuse panel under the driver dash

Where is the carburetor on a 1994 Ford Taurus?

The 3.0 and the 3.8 liter V6 engines in a 1994 Ford Taurus are fuel injected , so there is no carburetor

Does 1994 Taurus have Timing Chain or Belt?

On a 1994 Ford Taurus : The 3.0 and 3.8 liter V6 engines use a timing CHAIN

Will the radiator from a 1994 Taurus fit a 1998 Taurus?

No - way too many changes made to the Taurus between the 2 model years.

Antenna on an 1994 eagle talon?

yeah it has one

When was Antenna - ZZ Top album - created?

Antenna - ZZ Top album - was created on 1994-01-18.

What does the GL stand for in the 1994 Ford Taurus GL?

GL= Grand Luxe (Luxury ver of Taurus)

Will a 205-70-15 tire fit a 1994 Taurus?

Yes it will fit all models of Taurus.

How do you install the radio on a 1994 Nissan Sentra?

Here is a great website to guide you through your 1994 Nissan Stereo installation it even has step-by-step pictures: Remember you probably have to get a diversity antenna. I didn't realize that until I had everything installed and tried to turn the stereo on and nothing happened. Even though I had the power hooked up nothing came on. I had to make a quick drive to the Car Stereo Store and get the diversity antenna, then everything worked fine.

Does a 1994 Ford Taurus having a timing belt or chain?

In a 1994 Ford Taurus : Both the 3.0 and 3.8 litre V6 engines have a timing CHAIN

Where is the power antenna fuse on an 1994 infiniti j30?

According to the owners manual, it appears to be fuse 7, 13, or 20. All are 5 amp fuses.

Will a trans out of a 1994 Ford Taurus fit in a 1996 Ford Taurus?

no,the 96 is electronically controlled,the other trans is not

The price of a1994 Ford Taurus gl fuel filter?

The price of a fuel filter on a 1994 Ford Taurus

How do you remove a cassette player from a 1994 Holden Apollo so i can install a CD player?

To remove the cassette player from a 1994 Holden Apollo to install a CD player, the first step is to remove the knobs for the radio. They should just pull off. Then locate the screws holding the radio cover. This might require an Allen wrench. Remove the radio, unhook the antenna and speaker wires and then install the CD player.

Where is the lighter on your 1994 Ford Taurus?

cars as new as the 1994 Ford Taurus had to be ordered with lighters and ash trays.i'm thinking you have one that does not have either. In the ashtray in center of dash under radio.

What actors and actresses appeared in Miss Taurus - 1994?

The cast of Miss Taurus - 1994 includes: Alice Garner Johanna Hanley as Violet Evans Clare Larman Tony Rickards