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Call a licensed life insurance agent

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Q: How to insure your parents with life insurance?
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Will 21st Century Insurance company insure a driver with only a permit?

It is usually not necessary to insurance a driver who only has a permit. Often, if it is a young person, they are covered under their parents insurance. If it is an adult, then they may insure the driver.

Can you put life insurance on your parents?

If they are elderly parents, Yes. But if you are under 40 you cannot put life insurance on your parents.

Where can one find information on life insurance?

Information about life insurance can be found online at Insure, TDLife, and MetLife. Most companies that sell life insurance will have information about different policies.

Where can on purchase term life insurance in the UK?

There are a few insurance companies in the Uk that offer term life insurance. A few of those companies include Protected, Life Insure, and the Sainsbury Bank.

What would one insure with Rbc Insurance?

"RBC is a personal insurance company for the residents of Canada. You can get life insurance, car insurance and home insurance there. You can also get work insurance."

Do teenagers need insurance to drive the parents car?

yes, the premium will be astrononic, and some insurance firms will not add children to the exsiting parents policy, they will only insure the teenager in their own right.

How does one get diabetic life insurance?

Most insurance companies will insure a person with diabetes as long is it is disclosed at the time the policy is purchased. Some companies that offer this type of policy are BMO Guaranteed Life, Insure Direct, and Hunter Gregory.

How can my mom insure a car still in my name?

i am giving my parents a car i am still paying for the car can they get insurance without me

Where could someone purchase standard life insurance?

A local insurance agency would be one place where standard life insurance could be purchased. The website "Insure" can also be used to purchase this kind of insurance.

What does it mean to insure a loved one?

To insure a loved one means to protect someone you love with life insurance. When a family member dies, life insurance will give cash to the family after their death, helping the family out even when that family member is dead.

Can you insure another person for life insurance?

Yes, one person can obtain a life insurance policy on another as long as the policy owner has an insurable, financial interest in the life of the insured.

What are some good household life insurance companies?

One good household life insurance company is HSBC. One can also find comprehensive language regarding household life insurance on the Insure and QuickQuote websites.

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