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How to make Pepsi-cola?


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June 15, 2009 5:33AM

Bbsin that the article is extracted from pig intestines (to help drinkers drink to digestion).

According to one source, who declined to be named, said: The people say (that we make in our country, Pepsi and Arabic in Egypt) in defense of the truth

Is certainly false to hide the truth, because (article consisting of Pepsi drink) comes to industrialized countries in the form of slurries, particularly in

Drums, sealed from the country of origin, and do not open the barrels only when connected to the production lines after they have been pumping raw materials contained in the barrels to reach the end of the post-treatment necessary to put the bottles on the market which is also sealed,

I challenge any person can be sure that the fact that the basic components of the article Albbsin.

Is the topic that Pepsi bought in 1964 the global production line is the sorbet

Mountain Dew) and drink with the slogan of declarations of force (your heart with a strong Mountain Dew)

Research and industry in the history of this drink which is produced by the company

Tip Corporation Of America

We find that the first thing I did was to change the Pepsi way outside of the cans and bottles containing drink Mountain Dew, and the design of the bottle depends on the personalities of a cartoon at the time, (Hill Billy) and his side a small picture of a pig's consideration of the contents of the bottle written ..

What was, however, the company turned to the third pig another pig put his hand on his mouth, laughing, and was under the banner of (changes in the pig) to drink Mountain Dew.