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The simplest way to increase performance on your 50cc two-stroke bike is to replace the muffler assy with something called an expansion chamber. Its' an odd shaped cone like thing which "tunes' your exaust. There are many manufacturers that make these...just type in 'expansion chambers' then find one that matches your machine on a search. _____________________________________________________Rick........

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โˆ™ 2006-05-24 20:15:57
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Q: How to make a 50cc Yamaha go faster?
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Ive got a Yamaha aerox 50cc 02 plate its derestricted but only goes 45 how can you make it go faster which is cheap?

Buy a new pipe

How can you make a 1999 Yamaha jog faster?

You can make your 1999 Yamaha go faster by turning the fuel pump adjustment screw to the left. Make sure you do not turn it too far, as you can ruin the engine.

How can you make your Yamaha PY90 go faster?

put a bigger engine in it bruv

Can turning the carburetor screw on a 50cc scooter make it go faster?

only if t is running to rich or to lean

What parts would make a 1996 Yamaha Waverunner 3 go faster?


How to make your Yamaha blaster faster?

Go steal one form Star wars!

How can you make a YT 60 faster?

The YT 60 Tri Zinger is manufactured by the Yamaha company. You could make it go faster by driving it downhill.

How fast will a 2001 Yamaha blaster go?

I know from experence u can make them go faster than 65mph depending on mods

How fast are 50CC dirt bikes?

Usually 25 to 35mph, they can be modified to go faster......

How fast is a 50cc baja dirt bike go?

i think it goes 40mph or faster

How do you make a 1995 Yamaha vmax 600 snowmobile go faster?

Well I have the same sled, I took the motor out and put it in a yamaha golfcart. Still a work in progress.

How do you make your Yamaha G1 golf cart go faster?

Gas or electric? Change the rear end and get a higher ratio one.

How much faster does a 50cc scooter go with the restrictor removed?

55-70mph is top speed of the scooter.

How does ram air work for a 50cc scooter?

Not!! you have to go more then 80 kph to make it work and then the pressure wil open your membrame and then your going slower instead of faster.

How fast will a 50cc Honda espress go with a load of 205 lbs?

it will go much faster, if you quit eating those twinkies :)

What is faster Yamaha Sniper or Suzuki Raider150?

i think Yamaha sniper is the fastest Yamaha has a great Durability and wind speed test, no hazel technical problem but, 150 is faster than 135, i will go 4 durability and wait for Yamaha will released 150 cc

How fast can a Yamaha banshee 350 go?

faster then your mom eating donuts

How do you get your 50cc bad boy keen to go faster?

hi it is a Honda c50 engine so mods for that will fit

How fast is the 2009 neos 4 stroke 50cc scooter and will it go faster?

use a malossi clutch and rollers set

How fast can a 11occ Yamaha dirt bike go?

a 110cc dirt bike is just like a 50cc just a tiny bit bigger and is probaly 50mph at the most

How do you make the bills go faster on sims 2 PC?

You can't make them go faster.

How much faster will a Yamaha raptor go with a GYTR exhaust on it?

It will gain about 2 to 3 horsepower when jetted

How do you make kymco 50cc go scooter go faster?

increase the air flow by putting an air filter from malossi or uni and buying a progress racing cdi... you would get 3-7 mph more Grease the wheels and pork it in the kunt!!

How do you make kawasaki mule go faster?

How do u make a kawasaki mule 1000 go faster

Does running while moving your arms make you go faster?

The faster your arm the faster yu go