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It is not uncommom but it is also not necessary. Your hymen may be thick or thin and the opening may be large or small. If the hymen is thin with a larger opening it will stretch easier so there may be little or no bleeding. This is one of those areas where everyone may be a little different. If you are as young as I think you might be get the facts for yourself. Go to the library and look at some medical books if you can't ask a close adult, doctor or nurse. BE SAFE.

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You don't have a cherry and nothing pops.

You may have a hymen, which is tissue that surrounds the vaginal opening - this tissue doesn't cover much of the vaginal opening and is flexible so should allow penetration without difficulty, there is no need for you to try to tear ('pop') your hymen. If your hymen was problematic then you should see your doctor to have the hymen surgically cut, forcing it to tear when it is stubborn will just cause pain. Again: there is no need to 'pop your own cherry', leave it alone.

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Q: How to pop your own cherry?
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