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How to practice the art of kissing?


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October 30, 2008 8:13PM

well I have hears alot of the teqniques but i dont know how to practise, im afriad of when i am kissing i migt gag. do you have any helpo with gag reflexes? == == So the problem we got is how to practice....Ok, blow up a balloon. Yes, an ordinary balloon. Don't use helium, just air. Now kiss the balloon. Yeah, it sounds dumb, but you gotta get used to having your mouth open when you kiss someone. Apply a bit of suction so that the balloon will stick to your mouth. Once you get used to that, try nibbling at the balloon. You don't want to break the balloon, and gentle teeth pressure will give you practice in being gentle with the teeth. Now, about gagging. No matter what you hear, the other person's tongue isn't long enough to make you gag. The most they can get into your mouth is about the center of the roof of your mouth. It's just anatomy here, guys. So if you're worried about this, grab a tablespoon from the drawer and put it in your mouth, bowl side to the roof of your mouth. That's about as tough as it gets, so practice with the spoon. With your tongue, explore the spoon...sides, bottom. The idea is to feel the spoon with your mouth without using fingers or stuff. When you get a partner, it is more interesting to explore their tongue with your mouth and in theirs. A little nibble is fun too...remember the balloon? So that's about it. First the balloon, then the spoon, then you're ready for the big time. Happy adventuring!