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How to remove front bumper 240sx?

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2008-03-07 21:15:21

This "how to" only applies to 89-94 240SX's (S13's). I'm not

sure about s14's but the procedure is most likely pretty similar.

First off, you need to remove the front wheels and the front fender

lining to gain access to the nuts that hold the bumper to the

fenders. Some of the nuts are hard to get to, especially the ones

at the top and they are all 10mm. Try using a short extension

attached to a longer extension to give you the reach and flex that

you need to get the socket on the nut. Another good tool to use is

a ratchet wrench, since you have limited space and it can be a life

saver. Once all the nuts holding the front bumper to the fenders

are removed, there are support brackets on both sides of the bumper

(bottom of bumper). Remove those, then remove the bolts that are

underneath the license plate. Finally there are 4 bolts just in

front of the radiator at the top of the engine bay. Once all the

above bolts/nuts/screws are removed, take out the turn signals and

the bumper should come off no problem! -Andrew

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