How to remove the air condition pump?

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2008-05-13 04:43:45

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are you talking about the compressor if so i suggest that you go and buy you a repair manual ( HAYNES) from advance auto parts for about 15.dollars it is a pain in the A** to remove and replace and if it not leaking it is under high pressure and will have to be recovered , and you will need to replace the dryer along with the compressor,and then pull vacum on the system to make sure you all the moisture out of the shstem for it to work right

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2008-05-13 04:43:45
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Q: How to remove the air condition pump?
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How do you pump air into a bike tire?

you need a sutible bicycle pump. you remove the cap on the tire, attach your pump and use the action on the pump. remove the pump air should not release and re attack cap ! :)

How do you remove air condition belt on 1994 Honda Accord?

How do you remove an air condition belt on a 1994 Honda Accord EX?

Why is it difficult to remove an air sucker pressed to a surface?

it is hard to remove since the air outside the pump cannot enter or amalgamate witht the air that exists inside the pump.

Where is the AIR pump on a 98' Pontiac trans am?

The air pump is in the left front fender. There is an access panel under the car in front of the front tire. The air pump is easily removed and replaced. Remove the 2 bolts at the bottom and rotate the pump down. Remove the hoses and unplug the sire harness after you have the pump out of the fender.

How do you change a power steering pump in a 1989 GMC Safari van?

hi in order to change the pump u need to either remove the pulley so u can get to the bolts or u need to take the bracket that holds the pump off but to take the bracket off u have to remove the alt\air condition pump\belt tensioner and anything else in the way to get to the bolts

What five changes that are made to air to condition it?

filter remove humidity

What are five changes that are made to air to condition it?

filter remove humidity

On an 1994 Lincoln town car where is the air suspension pump located?

The air pump (compressor) is located on the driver side fender underneath the air filter box. Once you remove the air filter box, you will have to remove the compressor bolts from inside the wheel well.

Do you remove air con pump to remove astra 17dti alternator?

no remove the horn alternator will come through side of subframe

How do you fix secondary air injection system for gmc envoy?

Question I need to replace the smog pump on my 2004 gmc envoy with the inline six, what is the best procedure Optional Information: Year: 2004 Make : GMC Model: envoy Engine: in line 6 1. Jack up the truck. 2. Disconnect both the air inlet and air outlet pipes from the secondary air injection (AIR) reaction pump. 3. Remove the electrical relay from the AIR pump bracket. 4. Disconnect the electrical connector from the AIR pump. 5. Remove the 3 bolts securing the AIR pump bracket to the vehicle frame. 6. Remove the AIR pump from the vehicle.

How do you change the air pump on a Mercedes Benz 190E?

Remove the rear seat. There should be a foam like box-like cover. Remove that and there is your vacuum pump (for the lock I presume?) Remove the wire connections and voila!

What is an air pump?

An air pump is a pump which transmits air into or out of something.

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