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Here is a site that gives step-by-step instructions and pics to help.

OK, just finished this job on my 1994 Camaro (non T-top) Z28 and had to wing it. The following addresses the mistakes I made. This is the same as the process on the 1996 Camaro.

This is best done as a 2 man job!

Most important thing to note is that on the date of my post, Chevy only has 5 headliners left, and they are no longer manufacturing this part. Date: 1-19-2008

How to replace the headliner:

1) Remove all cabin lights and visors using a #2 Phillips head screwdriver. Note that you MUST use a #2 to remove and replace these screws as they will strip if you use a #1.

Note: When removing cabin lights, be sure to disconnect them, rather than letting them hang as they will probably be damaged.

2) Pull down on the front and back center (by the rearview mirror and rear cabin light you've just removed) of the headliner to remove it. Note: To minimize dust and fibers, be sure to slide the seatbelts through the precut slots rather than rip or force the original headliner out.

3) Using a flathead screwdriver, remove the interior door trim on the driver's site, from the uppermost point (just behind the driver side seat). You should encounter two (2). Continue down to the first clip of the windshield beam by gently pulling to your right to remove that clip. Note that you'll only have to slat this one back into position later.

NOTE: You should NOT need to remove the passenger side to install the new headliner, but if it makes you feel better to do so, feel free to repeat step 3 on the passenger side.

4) Lay both the driver and passenger seats all the way back and put the new headliner into the Camaro. From the driver side, it is best to maneuver the headliner in back-end first with the unfinished side to your left. Push it into the car at a 45 degree angle turning in into position over the seats.

5) While one person holds the headliner up, the other should pull down gently on the rear passenger side cosmetics and feed the seatbelt through the cut allowing the headliner to fall into position. DO NOT PUSH UP ON THE HEADLINER AT THIS POINT. The Velcro will attach and could be damaged when you have to remove it.

(It is best to push the headline further in than it will actually have to go, so you can clear the cosmetics on the driver side on the next step.)

Push the headliner into place between the frame and the passenger side door trim making sure the fabric goes in smoothly, all the way to the front of the car.

6) Feed the driver side seatbelt through the cut in the headliner and repeat step 5 on the driver side.

7) Reinstall the driver side door trim over the new headliner.

8) Reinstall visors and cabin lights.


Hope this helps!!! :)

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2011-09-13 05:44:04
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Q: How to remove the headliner in a 1996 Chevy Camaro non t top?
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